work with me

are you interested in a healthy active lifestyle that is both energizing and sustainable?
…but do you feel? 
-over scheduled with too much to do and not enough time to do it
exhausted and low energy upon waking
too busy to shop, cook and eat healthy
physically unfit and uncomfortable in your body
-like you’re on a wellness plan that isn’t working
then it’s time to learn how to eat and exercise authentically AND feel great in your body with personalized health coaching.
personalized health coaching can help you:
-set clear SMART goals and accomplish them in a way that’s fun and exciting
-work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
-understand and reduce cravings that sabotage your health
-feel great in your body
-learn about new foods and how to use them to create healthy meals
-improve your physical fitness to boost strength and flexibility
you are my ideal client if you:
-are a man or woman looking to live a healthy active lifestyle
-are a total health novice or you’ve been around the block
-are courageous and resilient enough to face your fears to create change
-enjoy being positive and don’t mind having a little fun
-you value setting and achieving goals
i work best with busy people that are willing to do the work with tenacious regularity. no excuses. 100% commitment.
find out that it can be tasteful and even fun to be healthy. learn to navigate social and work events, holidays and stressful life events without overindulging or sabotaging your health and wellness goals.
improve your fitness habits to reach your goals–without hating what you’re doing. yep, even working out has the potential to be enjoyable!
i’m not a doctor. i’m not a dietitian. i don’t treat or diagnosis but i do listen.
i listen closely, research, suggest, recommend and share with you. i support you, motivate you and guide you to feeling your best. together we identify what supports and serves you.

you do the work. i hold you accountable. you achieve your goals.

to decide if personalized health coaching with me is right for you, i invite you to schedule a complimentary wellness session.
during this session, we will discuss your health and current lifestyle to determine how i can best support you to achieve your goals .
you’ll have an opportunity to ask me questions and get a feel for working with me. because private coaching is available to a limited number of committed men and women schedule your initial wellness session today.