5-week jumpstart intensive

what is a health coach?

are you looking to boost your energy, ignite your metabolism and feel good in your own body? maybe you struggle with cravings, sleeping through the night or want to lose weight but are stressed out, short on time and don’t know where to begin?

or are you?
-over scheduled, too much to do and not enough time to do it
-waking up exhausted and lacking energy
-too busy to shop, cook and eat healthy
-physically unfit but not sure what to do or where to begin
-on a wellness plan that isn’t working
-in need of assistance
-interested in learning why you’re doing what you’re doing

i can help with personalized coaching.

personalized health coaching will help you:
-set clear SMART goals and accomplish them in a way that’s fun and exciting
-work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
-understand and reduce cravings that sabotage your health
-feel and look great in your body
-learn about new foods and how to use them to create healthy meals
-create or improve physical fitness plan to improve strength and flexibility

transform your health:
-increase your energy and lose weight
-improve your fitness and increase flexibility
-look and feel better in your body
-turn bad habits healthy
-create healthy habits and routines that will last a lifetime
-boost your confidence in the kitchen
-put an end to yo-yo dieting

the jumpstart 5-week intensive program is a quick and personally customized program tailored to a specific need.

through the jumpstart intensive i’ve helped clients clean-up their diet to avoid taking medications. i’ve worked with others to kick sugar and processed foods to the curb while helping them add-in more whole foods. i’ve focused on building strength and flexibility for others, leaving them feeling fit and flexible and motivated to stick with the program following the completion of the intensive. overall, i excel at teaching other how to take care of themselves better.

together we identify and clarify your main health or wellness concern and through the 5-week intensive jumpstart program you will gain the knowledge and power to take care of yourself from the inside out. you will complete the program with the knowledge and motivation to continue on under your own guidance.

what it is:
the jumpstart program is a five week intensive designed to jumpstart your healthy, active lifestyle. you will need to complete one health history and one strategy session questionnaire which are included.

what to expect:
the jumpstart program begins with 1-45 minute breakthrough session to identify goals with email follow up offering 2-3 actionable steps to get started. the breakthrough session is a chance for us to get to know one another and discuss what has brought you to where you are. this session helps to create the trail map for your personalized program and identifies your SMART goal for the program.

following the breakthrough session and clarification of your goal, you will have 4-30 minute coaching sessions. the weekly coaching sessions are used to make sure you’re on track, to celebrate your victories and to troubleshoot any challenges you’re facing. questions are answered and we generate a plan for the next week. each coaching session is followed with an email and 2-3 suggestions/recommendations based on our discussion.


-custom design…one size doesn’t fit all! your program is tailored to fit your needs delivered to your inbox
-improved health and wellness…we take a close look at your daily routine and add-in healthy habits to support your health and let go of old unhealthy habits
-it’s sustainable…learn and practice health and wellness habits that will last a lifetime
-accountability…stay on track and motivated. i am your biggest cheerleader! you will track and share your progress with me and together, we will make the changes necessary to help you achieve your goals
-support….have a question or need additional support between coaching sessions? no problem, you will have full email and text support during your program
-when your program ends, you will have tools and strategies to maintain your healthy active lifestyle moving forward


1 45-minute breakthrough session via Skype, FaceTime, or phone with email follow up
4-30 minute coaching sessions from a health and wellness expert via Skype, FaceTime or phone
-coaching session email follow up with 2-3 actionable steps for you to follow
customized health strategy plan
-weekly assignments and action plans to keep you motivated and hold you accountable to your goals
-weekly food and wellness journaling feedback and support to get you clear on which foods make you feel your best
unlimited email and text support with less than 24 hour response time between coaching sessions
-handouts, tips, recipes and other unique recommendations that fit your lifestyle and may benefit your progress sent directly to your inbox
-simple tips and tools to encourage positive thinking and shift mentality
-continued email support for two weeks following the completion of your program

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