superfood frenzy hemp milk


the inphyusion of the hemp seeds and the coconut butter creates a beautiful relationship as it doubles the body’s ability to effectively use the essential fatty acids it needs to support radiant health. it is ‘essential’ for us to include these foods properly in the diet because the body is not able to manufacture them on its own. in that case do your body a favor and use this daily not only because it is nutrient dense but it also tastes great, like two superfoods meant to be together. what i love most about making a hemp milk is not needing to strain the milk before storing, making it super fast and hassle free.

superfood frenzy hemp milk

3 cups water

1/2 cup hemp seeds

2 tablespoons coconut butter

1 tablespoon raw honey, a handful of dates or sweetener of choice

1/2-1/4 inch fresh vanilla bean

pinch of sea salt

1. place everything in a blender and blend 30-60 seconds. makes about 1 quart and can be stored in the fridge in a one quart mason jar for 4-5 days.


23 Responses to “superfood frenzy hemp milk”
  1. Julie says:

    Hmm I have never heard about this drink or how important it is to have these daily. Wow thanks for the read I will be looking into this now!

  2. Willow says:

    I love hemp seeds! I don’t think I have tried hemp milk yet, even though I have been vegan for 18 years. I mainly drink soy and almond milk. I have some hemp seeds in the fridge – I’ll have to try this!

  3. Sue Tanya Mchorgh says:

    I never heard about this before nor its benefits. I think i should try it one day.

  4. Never thought of this as milk. This will be perfect for my hubs.

  5. I just made almond milk for the first time this weekend and I was amazed at how easy it was! Thanks for this recipe…I’ve never tried hemp milk before so that may be next!

  6. andrea says:

    I have tried most of the alternative to dairy milk but have not tried hemp. I have seen in it in our grocery lately so it must be growing in popularity here in TX

  7. Toni says:

    I have never tried hemp milk, but this was pretty informative! I’m going to look into it. Thanks!


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