hearts and hips happy hour yoga


hearts and hips happy hour takes place at the om time yoga studio every friday afternoon from 4:15-5:30pm. this class explores the play of back-bending and hip opening in a way that is continually fun and exciting, ever-expanding while evolving. join the inphyusion, during happy hour, om time style for this wildly popular celebratory class that will be regarded as your biggest yoga party of the week!

in keeping tradition with a true happy hour, inphyusion has been creating a special line of hors d’oeuvres to express appreciation for your participation in class and your efforts to the group as a whole. show up often as the expression of appreciation changes from week to week just like the asana. these are mini superfood rockets that aim essentially to elevate what your asana practice has set in motion. the RAWcipes linked can be created 100% raw or high raw, vegan or not to your liking. these RAWcipes are quite simple and often made with a similar base of ingredients so the possibilities become endless!

hearts and hips happy hour menu


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  1. Yogin Bomb says:

    |yogini J.P.|
    I miss your hearts and hips class so much!
    I miss your heart too!

    : )

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