mint-a-loupe smoothie


currently the cantaloupe are leaping off the stands at your local farmers market and they are bursting with juicy goodness, so grab a few and get ready to cool yourself off to re-energize your entire body! cantaloupe is an extremely alkalinizing food. it is comprised of highly mineralized water making it very easy for the digestive system to handle. it will also help your body combat stress by maintaining a proper water balance, keeping the heartbeat regular and literally ‘cooling’ off the nerves allowing them and therefore you, to relax.

in ayurveda, which loosely translated meansĀ the complete knowledge for longevity, mint is an herb known to have both a cooling and warming effect on the body when consumed. it also aids in digestion, reduces inflammation and is typically used in the treatment of ailments such as the common cold, stomach disorders, as well as, various skin problems. together the cantaloupe and the mint create a fantastic digestive elixir that is sweeter than heaven. drink the cool, creamy mixture up to recoup the curative and rejuvenating properties for body, spirit and mind! mint-a-loupe

2 cups cantaloupe, chopped

3 tablespoons fresh mint, chopped

1 tablespoon raw organic honey (optional)

8-10 ice cubes

1. place cantaloupe and mint into the blender. if using honey, add that here as well and mix on low 20-30 seconds.

2. add in ice and mix on high until well blended.

3. drink up, best when enjoyed immediately! makes about 2 cups.

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