to soak or not to soak…


soaking and/or dehydrating nuts and seeds for various rawcipes is always optional. it is also optimal because the process ensures proper digestion, as well as, efficient absorption of the many vital nutrients that are present. at times this can seem like a royal pain in the yoga booty! although the dehydrator is run for several hours, the process does not involve tons of hands-on time. with only a small amount of attention, a large yield will provide an excellent source of digestive enzymes that will brighten up your eating lifestyle.

the germination that takes place in nature is mimicked in the seven to eight hours of soaking, during which the sprouting process is also initiated. most simply put the nut or seed becomes more alive! the soak will remove an acid, phytic acid, which interferes with your body’s absorption of minerals that are required for your brilliantly radiant health to shine out.

in my opinion, the extra step to dehydrate nuts and seeds provides flavor while protecting active nutrients and reducing bacterial activity. another bonus? the undeniable crunch that will enhance the texture of your uncooked goods.

listed below are a few soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds that i tend to have on hand in and around my kitchen at all times. always stored in airtight containers.

pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds


pecans **must be stored in fridge once dehydrated.

walnuts **must be stored in fridge once dehydrated.


the process

1. place 2-4 cups of nut/seed in a large bowl and cover with water. optional: add 1 tablespoon of sea salt. this has no effect on the availability of the enzymes and is only for flavor. soak for 7-8 hours.

2. drain nut/seed. the water that the nut/seed have been soaked in will contain the enzyme inhibitors which are known to be very acidic to the body, so always be sure to rinse thoroughly.

3. spread nut/seed onto teflex sheets.

4. set dehydrator @ 110 degrees until crispy. check by taste to be sure they are crispy and free of any moisture. this typically takes 24-26 hours.


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