root down tonic


‘root’ def. relating to an origin or source, an essential core, the underlying support. roots are known to serve the plant they host working to absorb and assimilate richness from the soil ensuring complete nourishment. energetically roots are much like our small intestine whose primary function is the absorption of nutrients from a food source. coincidently, consuming root plants appears to benefit the performance of a healthy intestinal tract. the root down tonic, which consists mainly of fresh turmeric and ginger root, has become a daily go-to beverage at my house. it is a tonic with a well balanced bit of spice, a dash of bubbles and a finishing hint of lime that i find has the ability to root, sooth and center the day. juice it up and kick it root down!

root down tonic

1 1/2-2 inches fresh ginger root

1 1/2-2 inches fresh turmeric root

1 medium lime, peeled

2 1/2 cups sparkling water

optional: 1 cup fresh mint

1. run ginger root, turmeric root and lime through a juicer. makes about 1/4-1/2 cup juice.

*i find it most useful to run the ginger and turmeric through first, then the juiciness of the lime will make sure everything runs smoothly through the juicer in order to be caught in your jar.

2. place juice in quart sized mason jar and add sparkling water.

3. sip and enjoy.


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