cherry pomegranate soda


here is a quick and simple, say ahh, cool liquid refreshment in time for the summer months. i love myself a kombucha, in fact, there used to be a little factory brewing in my pantry. these days, it has been a little too sweet for my buds but ever looking for a probiotic benefit, i grab the coconut water kefir instead. coconut water kefir helps curb sugar cravings, it aids in the digestion of food and it can help ease aches and joint pain. currently the pom wonderful juice company is fighting a touch of overexcitement in their marketing and whether or not the pom wonderful cherry juice stands up to its health claims, it easily trumps the average beverage containing high fructose corn syrup. and you know what they say about high fructose corn syrup.

cherry pomegranate soda

4 cups sparkling mineral water

1/4 cup pom wonderful cherry juice

3 tablespoons inner-eco dairy-free probiotic kefir, berry flavor

place all ingredients in a 1 quart mason jar. slurp.


24 Responses to “cherry pomegranate soda”
  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds so yummy and refreshing!

  2. Diane Baker says:

    Wow! This sounds really yummy. I have to admit, I’m a pretty heavy coffee drinker (morning, noon and night – summer, or winter lol) But, I am definitely going to try this!

  3. Andrea says:

    It looks SO good and SO healthy!

  4. Willow says:

    I have never tried coconut water kefir, I will have to look into it! I like to make my own soda so that I can control the ingredients. I used to make kombucha but haven’t for many years. This recipe sounds like one that I will love!

  5. Kate says:

    This is such a great idea. I am pregnant right now and always looking for fun non-alcoholic drinks to make. Yum!

  6. Casie says:

    Great recipe! I will make it for my next party! Looks refreshing! 🙂 keep up the awesome work!

  7. This sounds so good! I’m a big fan of seltzer and fruit juice spritzers, but I’ve never thought to try cherry and pomegranate together. I bet it’s delicious!

  8. Poonam says:

    This looks amazing and refreshing. Perfect on a hot summer day!

  9. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says:

    Cherry soda is hands down my favorite flavor of soda. Adding pomegranate is a wonderful idea! I’ve never considered it before. The next time I go grocery shopping, I’m grabbing some pomegranate juice and giving it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Ashley says:

    This sounds amazing! What a great mix of flavors!

  11. Chanel says:

    this sounds to tasty! I love cherry anything!

  12. Rosalyn O. says:

    This looks like a great vegan alternative to regular soda. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Jessica says:

      you’re welcome…it just like soda without all the junk–plus this has some gut healing properties to it. can’t go wrong (:

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