cucumber aloe green juice cooler


fresh juice is the ultimate fast food. it is literally a nutrient express to better health. the cucumber aloe green juice cooler is a green juice that tastes so fresh and so clean, the most superb pairing for the hot summer months.

consisting of ninety percent water, cucumbers are known to be a cooling vegetable and are in abundance throughout summer. a cucumber has the same ph balance as the skin and adding them to your regular eating lifestyle can hydrate and nourish the skin and even enhance your natural glow. they are also a good source of b vitamins which will provide a quick pick-me-up that is sustainable for hours, a very wise alternative to a late afternoon caffeine run!

aloe vera is one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. it is a well known superfood that offers a lubricating effect on the joints, brain, nervous system and skin, as well as, having anti-inflammatory properties and natural pain relieving abilities. in ayurveda aloe vera is recognized also as having cooling properties and noted as balancing to the vatta, pitta and kapha in the body. overall, it is a very versatile and effective natural healer.

juice up the main ingredients, add some fresh water and aloe to find a green juice that is highly absorbable, desirably cooling and totally palatable. go grab the juicer and get yourself juicy with high living water and a cucumber aloe green juice cooler!

cucumber aloe green juice cooler

2 1/2 cups water

1 english cucumber

1 d’anjou pear

1/2 cup aloe juice

1/2 cup fresh mint

1 lime, peeled

1. juice the cucumber, pear, lime and mint.

2. add in the aloe juice and water. makes 1 quart, drink immediately.


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