inphyuse glenwood


it is true, we are headed to the western slope to inphyuse glenwood this coming august 24-26. we will be joining together for an active weekend of yoga, living food and the great outdoors. join us and get yourself inphyused!

Download Inphyuse Glenwood PDF Retreat Flyer


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  1. Linda Baird says:

    Hi Jessica—-just checking out your website and looking for info on the Glenwood retreat. It’s not easy to find! When I found it, it’s not opening. Want more details! Cost, etc.

    Also excited to try a few of your recipes 🙂

    Also want to schedule a bodywork session.


    • Jessica says:

      hey linda-from the home page you will find access to it in the bottom left corner. open that and you will see a spot to download the actual flyer. i can send you an email too, we’d love to have you join us!

  2. Jessica,
    Love your recipes. I am a gluten-free chef and cooking teacher/nutiritonal coach. Do you have a newsletter? If so, please sign me up!


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