pineapple slices


looking for a sweet snack that does not include any refined sugar? pineapple slices are exactly what you are looking for! this is a simple rawcipe that asks for nothing more than some basic prep time followed by an abundance of patience. immediately, the pineapple tastes so sweet and wonderful, it will be difficult to wait the allotted dry time. in the long run, the time and discipline will pay off delighting the taste buds to no end. for pure snacking pleasure, grab a second pineapple and double the entire situation!

pineapple slices

1 pineapple, sliced

3 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1. slice pineapple into rings or small chunks.

2. place pineapple slices into a shallow pan and pour lime juice over slices. turn over a few times to soak up the lime juice.

3. place on dehydrator @110 degrees for 30-32 hours.

4. store in an airtight container.



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