cucumber attack green juice


first to admit that my consumption of cucumbers is a little over the top this summer, i am unable to control it and alas, i surrender. it’s hot, they are cooling, i’m thirsty, they are quenching and in my mind that defines a mutually beneficial healthy relationship. cucumber attack green juice is just as it sounds, a cucumber heavy hitter that makes its way through your juicer. sweet and easy, but unusually powerful.

the cuke attack has made more than one trip out to red rocks this summer in the name of excellent tunes, and although it was unique amongst the adult beverages being served and shared with the masses it did make some new and unlikely friends. a juice that offers sustainable energy and rocks the world of hydration because there is much fun to be had, more dances to be shared and so many good times on the horizon!

cucumber attack green juice

3 medium cucumbers

1 cup water

1/4 cup aloe juice

1. juice cucumbers with a juicer and strain. reserve juice in a one quart mason jar.

2. add in water and aloe juice. stir. enough for  two medium juices or one large juice. sip away!


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