chia goo


superfood chia seeyes, the chia pet of the 90’s used the same healthful chia seeds found in the following rawcipe to sprout ‘hair’ from a clay pot. we’re not using soil or sprouting to the point of green, but we are sprouting to the extent that powerful nutritional benefits are unleashed and readily available for your day to day convenience. in as little as ten minutes, the seeds pictured above (when added to water or other liquid, such as a juice or smoothie) will absorb ten to twelve times their bodyweight and become a massive hydration source. not to mention the tiny seeds inflammation reducing essential fatty acids, the protein involved or the endurance afforded. the goo allows for slower absorption of carbohydrates which will result in a sustained energy that will keep you content longer. cheers to ch-ch-ch-chia.

chia goo

2 cups water

1/4 cup chia seeds

place chia seeds and water in a 16oz. jar. cover and shake 2-3 times over 10-15 minutes and store in refrigerator. keeps about one week.


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  1. fab says:

    I’m relatively new to raw food diet. I know a lot but no where near to being a raw food guru…lol.
    Just wondering what do you do with the goo once it is made. I know and comprehend what chia seed are and do when liquid is added but I have never heard of the goo thing before. Do you just add it to whatever one would usually do with chia seeds???


    • Jessica says:

      hi fab, guru-ism not needed with raw foods but curiosity is! you are correct, use the chia goo as you would usually use chia but no need to wait for the seeds to absorb the water. i have a few recipes coming up that call for chia goo, so be sure to check back!

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