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e3live aquabotanical blue green algaeinphyusion has recently teamed up with the affiliate program at e3live. e3live is the world’s first and only frozen algae, a nutrient dense aqua botanical. it is a daily habit at my house and it’s another product that i’m happy to get people interested in, not only because i’m a part of the team but also because i believe in the product 100%. if you click on the photo above or the banner below along with anytime e3live is mentioned moving forward, you will be directed to the e3live website as a visitor from inphyusion. i will receive a small percentage for any purchases made in the next 90 days. you will not pay more for the product, the company is essentially thanking me for introducing the two of you. any amount of money that is made through the affiliate program is used to further fund this site and helps in continuing to offer you simple, healthy, nutrient dense recipes. feel free to ask me any questions and if i don’t know the answer i’m happy to go locate it and report back!



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