how to juice an alkaline green juice


raw vegan alkaline green juice, how toit is easy to juice a healthy, alkaline, raw, vegan green juice at home. this rawcipe is inspired by elaina love of pure joy planet and her video discussing an alkaline diet. i added to it the alkalinizing prowess of spinach, as well as additional apple and lemon. fresh juice efficiently supplies the body with dense nutrients almost on demand and in as little as five minutes you will feel the effects because it enters the bloodstream so quickly. juice is fast food as mentioned in my cucumber aloe green juice cooler post, another fairly simple juice you are able to make at home.

lately there seems to be a lot of debate between a green juice and a green smoothie as to which is better for you. there is even more discussion as to whether you should be using a cold-pressed juicer or a centrifugal juicer, the vitamix, the blendtec or another high speed blender. in my opinion you could be using a jack lalanne juicer with a nutribullet handheld mixer and whatever diet you follow you should do both green juices and smoothies. one way or another eat. more. greens.

honesty i wish there was a juicer fairy that flew into my house each evening to clean my juicer. fairy or not my instrument has a full time job and i love making this healthy raw vegan green juice. do you have an easy green juice recipe?

alkaline green juice 

1 small bunch kale

1/2 head spinach

1 head celery

1 cucumber

1 small granny smith apple, cored

1 lemon, peeled

run everything through the juicer and reserve in a glass jar. makes about 1 quart, serves 1-2. enjoy!


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