homemade vanilla almond flour

homemade vanilla almond flour

have you saved your pulp from your last batch of sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk?

homemade vanilla almond flour is an alternative to traditional flours and this easy recipe will show you how to make your own. the flour, which is naturally wheat and gluten free, is a great substitute in baked and unbaked goods and is also a great source of plant-based protein. as i’ve been testing various dairy-free milks for an upcoming project, my excalibur dehydrator has been working overtime to keep up and make flour from all the pulp. sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk makes the most flavorful flour that will be called for in an upcoming rawcipe you’ll definitely want to try!

homemade vanilla almond flour

1. use the reserved pulp from your last batch of sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk and place on dehydrator sheets in your dehydrator @110 degrees for about 24 hours or until crispy and dry.

2. place in food processor and run 4-5 minutes or until you achieve a fine powder. each batch makes about 3/4-1 cup so i tend to save two rounds of pulp from my sweet and creamy coconut mylk to make a larger batch of flour. either way, store in an airtight container and refrigerate or freeze for extended freshness.

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