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pump up the jam-follow inphyusion on spotifyin a recent post i shared how much i have always loved moving and with that same possibly annoying passion i’ve always loved music too. more often than not i have tunes playing and love to pump up the jamjump and jump around. (please excuse me, the 90s clearly played a big role in my life) music has the ability to set a pace, invoke or meet a mood and in so many ways is very therapeutic. like many of us, i can go back through my life and think of songs that define a moment and are held in a memory.

let me begin by saying as open as i am to listening and loving music, there are a few genres that just do not do it for me. they can actually make the inside of my head hurt and leave my brain begging for silence. there are the outliers within that statement too. for one, i am not a fan of metal music however, a couple metallica songs do get me fired up because i think back to a moment in my high school years where they held meaning.

one evening while living in big sky, montana, my good friend jeff took me to bozeman to see my first (and at this point only) metal concert. he insisted. they were not metallica. the acoustics in the room were terrible. and even though it was only mentally, there were a few short moments i was able to close my ears completely and was left to observe those around me. the pbr we were drinking could have been a factor too, it was montana and i was in my twenties.

for the brief time it felt like i was able to close my ears i was able to see those around me deeply enjoying the music. their brains didn’t seem to be begging for silence like my own, they seemed to want more. they were enjoying themselves the same way i have enjoyed every single jack white concert i have traveled for or every single counting crows and dave matthews band concert i crashed back in high school and college with my family and friends. i’m a repeat offender. that night in bozeman made me appreciate the fact that so many different types of music exist for people to enjoy. theoretically there is something for everyone.

pump up the jam-follow inphyusion on spotify

there seems to be an ongoing debate around the yoga world as to whether music should be played throughout yoga classes or not. personally it really just depends. some of my teachers have never used music and some have never not used music. i have enjoyed class both ways. some days while practicing at home i turn it up and other days i’m happy to hear my breath and consider that my own music.

currently, the public classes i am teaching at the colorado athletic club-flatirons in boulder are power and flow classes and to keep pace i am a music player and the students seem to appreciate it. i choose to play tunes because most of the power and flow classes i have been a student at myself have played music and i have found it quite enjoyable, not to mention fun. on that same note, if you were to book a yoga therapy session with me it does not seem like the time or place for extra ruckus. as i said, with myself it really just depends.

each time i think i have maybe gone too far with one of my playlists, the feedback i receive says differently. there was the time i taught an entire ninety minute power class to songs spanning the career and many bands of jack white or the sixty minute playlist i shared shortly before heading out to his show at red rocks amphitheater to sit front and center, in the pouring rain, for the best show of my life to the ninety minutes of cover songs with everything from miley cyrus and the flaming lips covering the beetles to the roots covering my man son house. then there was the christmas eve day power class when kanye’s tune christmas in harlem and run dmc’s christmas in hollis made the cut. i questioned each of those playlists heading to class the most and received the most high fives after. that’s the thing, i believe we can practice yoga and have fun simulatneously.

pump up the volume: follow inphyusion on spotify

with all of that being said, it is now possible to follow inphyusion on spotify. there are many different streaming services available and i have played around with quite a few but spotify has fit my needs the best. i am a fan of their wide selection of music so it is easy for me to get lost and find artists that i wouldn’t have otherwise heard about or come across. i’m always happy to give them airtime. although i have purchased the premium account, it is easy to set up a free account as well. i have gone with the premium to avoid getting hit with commercials in the middle of class or interrupt a massage therapy session at my office.

so if you’re already on spotify or if you are only opening your account, bounce over to inphyusion’s profile to check out different playlists. the first lists that will be available are something you would hear if you were coming to a class at cac-flatirons with some of the best folks in town. more lists will be coming soon including a couple that will be perfect if you are a fan of the inphyusion30 movement challenge.

what are your thoughts on music in yoga class? for it or against? and why? if you love it, what are your favorites? comment below!


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  1. Elida says:

    Call me wind because I am aboelutsly blown away.


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