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health is a funny game. everyone has a different take on the one thing they ate or did that brought them ultimate success. however, in my experience, that’s not exactly how it works.

every person is as different as every single body that exists. what works for one might not work for another and in order to find the way we need to be willing to explore our own health.

that’s the work i do not only as a health coach but for myself as well. with 168 hours in a week there’s only so much one is able to get done. with that in mind it’s always important to reassess who, where, what and how time is spent. be it the foods i eat or the people i hang around with, i’m always striving to feel my best.

over the years i’ve either added in or eliminated different foods or supplements on my quest to feel my best. not sure who first suggested i stop drinking coffee (yeah, right!) or at least drink less (ok, maybe…) but it was four or five years ago when i decided to go for it and february was my month. in the past i had paused for a cleanse or detox here and there but had not considered an entire month or more.

february was odd to some because i’m from wisconsin and have lived in colorado and montana where february’s are cold. brilliant to me because it’s the shortest month of them all. 28 days. in and out. over and done. next up? march madness, more basketball than most can handle and a refined coffee drinking habit.

not sure i plan to acknowledge the extra day in leap year or not.

sounds a bit like rehab to you? that’s sort of how it’s treated. see i’m not an all day coffee drinker but more of a get up, have a huge cup and hit the trails gal. and when i run with one of my running partners we most likely hit ozo (my favorite local brewer) for an additional cup of black gold. although i’m not drinking it all day, it is one of the highlights of my day, as in, i fall asleep thinking about the coffee i’m excited to brew as soon as i wake up.

as i’ve mentioned about health, it’s a tricky game. looking here, you’ll see why coffee is beneficial to your health. looking over here you’ll see why it’s harmful. if it’s my vice i can read the information i need to in order to feel good about what i choose to do, but the body isn’t as easily tricked. as much as i do NOT like my february mornings without my best friend, i learn something about my habit each time i step away.

thankfully during my first february experiment elana of had this awesome dandelion root coffee recipe available. it’s hot, black like coffee and it’s the perfect bitter. i thank her completely for the introduction that saved my sanity. the biggest perk being because it’s caffeine-free it’s drinkable throughout the day or evening without disrupting sleep!

on a daily basis my coffee is black and unpolluted but oddly enough i love tampering with my dandelion root coffee to create a special latte. using elana’s dandelion root coffee recipe as the base, i add my own milk alternatives and froth it up to perfection. at this point i barely measure ingredients but typically add more roasted dandelion than chicory and would never forgo the cinnamon.

dandelion root latte recipe

now, when march hits i’m back on my juice but continue to enjoy dandy root lattes on the side. sometimes it’s a little much to brew up an entire pot and i opt for the instant route. elana has you covered on that one too with her instant dandelion root latte recipe…this woman thinks of everything!

make your own dandelion root latte

grab your favorite mug.

brew up elana’s dandelion root coffee.

add in instant vegan almond milk, cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk, superfood frenzy hemp milksweet and creamy almond mylk or cashew almond dairy-free creamer to taste.

optional: froth your milk. sprinkle with ground cinnamon. be your own barista.

drink. and repeat.




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  1. Linda says:

    A twist to my coffee and something I was willing to give a try. So glad I’m willing to venture out of my comfort zone.


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