gleaming the cube


coconut milk ice cubes

unlimited hours in the kitchen to create one beautiful healthy meal after another would make it an easy task to keep ourselves healthy. let’s get real, that kind of time on a consistent basis is rare and as we slide into summer, spare time becomes even more challenging to find.

my heat beating, money and time conserving, chill everything summertime vibe? cube it. gleam every cube….make every cube gleam

because i have limited space in my kitchen and more specifically, the freezer, unless you are an absolute necessity you won’t make the cut. plain ol’ water in frozen cube formation? nope. no space. but cubed almond milk, coconut milk or dandelion root tea i didn’t get to? hold on, let me move a few things around.

cubing is the new planking and it single-handedly will chill an entire smoothie or liquid refreshment down. it can add flavor to that plain ol’ glass of water and it’s an easy way to use up produce before a spoiled end.

cubing it will also save you money in the long run. see a crazy deal at the grocery store or farmers market on kale, parsley or cilantro? buy it up. buy as much of it as you can. use up what you need and cube the rest to ensure it doesn’t go to waste. produce is typically on special while it’s in season so purchase accordingly for the savings and cube away.

want a hot farmers market tip from a gal that once traveled colorado’s front range selling organic palisade peaches at various farmers markets? nearing the close of the farmers market is a great time to catch a deal. although the variety can be minimal and picked over, vendors want to repack as little as possible and are open to price negotiations. i.e. more great cubing material!

i’m not kidding when i say i cube or freeze everything. leftover smoothies and juices land in popsicle molds to be consumed later. very little clean up and absolutely no waste, PLUS i get a fun little treat later. win, win.

lately, and seasonally appropriate, i’m obsessed with cucumbers. two of my favorite recipes are ice cold cucumber limeade and ice cold cucumber lemonade. lemons and limes are life and when paired with cucumbers they cool any moment down. you can almost guess it at this point right? i cube it or pour it in a mold and it is the ultimate …ahhhh.

cucumber ice cubes

cucumber cubes

2-3 medium cucumbers, roughly chopped

enough water or aloe juice to get the blender moving

blend on high until smooth. pour mixture in ice cube tray and place in freezer until frozen.

coconut milk cubes

1-2 cans full fat coconut milk (depending on size and number of trays)

stir well. pour in ice cube tray and place in freezer until frozen.

be sure to check out this coconut ice cubes how-to while you’re at it, it’s another super simple cubing project.



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