we get it.


you’re busy. they’re busy. everybody’s busy. the phrase is bit worn, don’t you think?


we stress ourselves out haunted by the idea there’s a lack of time.


worried we’ll never find the bottom of our impossibly designed and layered to-do list.


gripped by an unreasonable fear we’ll let ourselves or anyone and everyone depending on us down.


what if i were to tell you there’s a way to ease those fears, reduce stress, and, strangely enough, feel like time magically expands?


AND you already have the materials needed to do the work.


plus it’s FREE.


true story!! let me introduce you to BREATH CHECK:





BREATH CHECK is your invitation to pause briefly, connect deeply, and move forward with clarity and focus.


who is it for?


anyone with a pulse.


when and where?


anywhere. anytime.


how does is it work?


  1. STOP what you’re doing.
  2. CLOSE your eyes or simply shift your attention inward.
  3. ENJOY a slow mindful inhale followed by a slow mindful exhale and repeat at least 4-5 times.
  4. OPEN your eyes and return to the task at hand with unshakable focus.



i’m as guilty as anyone in thinking there’s not enough time to sit and meditate or focus on my breath BUT the truth is, once you JUST DO IT because you always have to begin somewhere…

…and then you do it again

…..then again

……….then again, and again, and again. until it simply becomes your habit.


before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to that time of your day.


true story.


mediation can be daunting or intimidating for some. it was for me.


how should i sit? i’m not supposed to  think?!? what am i supposed to do then?


why am i forcing my eyes closed?? i can’t relax my face. i can’t relax my face. when did relaxing my face become so hard? 


they say first thing in the morning is best?? for 30-60 minutes?! i’ll never get the hang of this.


side note: every single healthy thing i should be doing first thing in the morning stresses me out. i mean, there are so many and i can’t do them all at once. i don’t need that kind of stress in my life and neither do you. find your glass slipper cinderella. find what makes you feel your best and do more of that.


back to the matter at hand.


most of us are keenly aware of why we should be meditating and giovanni at liveanddare.com shares an informative blog on the benefits of mediation if you’re interested-his entire website is a wealth of mediation knowledge to explore.


BREATH CHECK is meant to be simple. and approachable.


brandless. no label.


it could be done on a mediation cushion or resting on your back with legs up the wall. one leg bent, one straight or seated in a chair. it doesn’t matter.


comfort is your number one concern to connect with the awareness that lends to a slower, deeper, quieter, and more regular quality of breath.


it could be five or ten minutes. or it could be 4 to 5 focused rounds of breath. you choose. but do it with regularity. attempt to do it more days than not each week. i challenge you.


not kidding. i challenge you to practice BREATH CHECK on your own for FREE for at least 30 days and see how it feels.


if you feel worse then you do today and you absolutely hate the experience. i’ll refund your money. i promise and i’ll even offer you a FREE wellness consult.

you’re also able to book a wellness consult if you love your experience.


and you can do so here.


BREATH CHECK is also a live and FREE event happening once a month at campworks coworking here in boulder. be sure to check their events page to see when the next one is happening. they also have other great events taking place. only a couple weeks ago i was able to attend a seed to cup workshop offered by my favorite local coffee shop!


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  1. Lydia Graham says:

    I think we all need to stop and take a minute to just relax several times a day. Thank you for this article

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