creamy butternut squash soup



it was 65 degrees here just the other day and i went to bed last night wondering if it was a little silly i’d waited so long to share a favorite creamy vegan soup recipe with you.


then waking up to fresh snow this morning i was quickly reminded the joys of springtime. i found myself feeling reassured there’s plenty of time to enjoy a delicious butternut squash soup before summer rattles around.


who am i kidding? back in my trip leading days we (12-12 years olds and 2 other trip leaders) woke up to six inches of snow–ON THE 4TH OF JULY! granted we set camp near 12,000ft, but still.


this would have been a perfect breakfast to lift our spirits had we packed in an oven and blender. there were few happy campers on that snowy summer morning.


at least the leaders were able to  brew up a little coffee before a long sloppy hike back to our pick-up point and the two hour drive back to home base with unhappy girls.


side note: we were back to camp around lunch and the girls didn’t miss any of the pool party and bbq with the boys camp. massive attitude adjustments were had by all.



back to the soup.


it’s simple enough to make that its been deemed no frills worthy and debuted on the most recent meal plan.


and the good news?


not one unhappy camper during the no frills adventure!


creamy vegan butternut squash soup


what you’ll need:

1 medium butternut squash-peeled, seeded, roughly chopped

2 medium carrots-ends removed, roughly chopped

1 medium granny smith apple, cored and roughly chopped

1/2 medium white onion-end removed, peeled, roughly chopped

31/2 cups water

1 can coconut milk-full fat, unsweetened

2 tablespoons avocado, olive, or coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon sea salt (optional)

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

what to do: 

  1. preheat over to 400.
  2. in a large bowl, mix squash, spices, onion, apple, and oil. mix well and place on an unbleached parchment lined cookie sheet.
  3. place in oven and roast 30-40 minutes.
  4. remove and allow to cool.
  5. place coconut milk, water, roasted veggies in a blender and run on high until smooth and creamy. don’t be afraid to add small amounts of water so your blender runs smoothly.

how to store and use:

this is a large batch and makes about one liter. it stores well in a sealed container and is quite versatile. i love making a batch over the weekend to use throughout the week as i create healthy meals. i don’t mind it cold and it easily warms on the stovetop. eat it hot or cold on its own or serve it up with sweet spuds and kale or arugula salad. it also mixes well with quinoa and brown or wild rice.


what are your favorite soups or meal prep routines you love? or what challenges do you face with meal planning or prep? let me know in the comments below!


34 Responses to “creamy butternut squash soup”
  1. Jennifer says:

    This looks delicious! I try to cook a variety of styles of food and always on the lookout for tasty meatless options. Thanks for this recipe.

  2. Joan Cajic says:

    I love soup and at the rate at which this weather is refusing to get better, this soup does sound great to have and make.

  3. Yummy! This sounds so delicious and flavorful! I’ll have to try this! Love making new vegan recipes!

  4. Sharon says:

    Creamy soups are the best! So happy to have a healthy version to try now. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Debbie says:

    This sounds delicious and I’ve been wanting to try butternut squash! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. This soup looks sooo yummy! I HAVE to try this recipe this weekend!

  7. Liz says:

    This sounds soooo good! Definitely saving this recipe for later so I can try it out!


  8. Michelle Blackwood says:

    This is one of my favorite soups, love your variation with the apples. I can’t wait to try it.

  9. Kushi says:

    My husband is a vegan. I would definitely try this for him. Delicious!

  10. Creamy soups are all I can dream of when its cold outside. This recipe seems delicious. Gotta try it!

  11. Annie Cho says:

    I love butternut squash soup, especially in the fall/winter. I love that your version is vegan! Can’t wait to try it!

  12. Annie Cho says:

    This looks so yummy. You should also post the kale and arugula salad you mentioned to eat with this! I’m curious to know how to make it!

  13. Emily says:

    This sounds so comforting and delicious. Will be trying it out for myself next week. Vegan love to you! xx

  14. Mmm…your butternut squash soup sounds so incredibly delicious! Thank you so much for sharing your special recipe.

  15. It sounds great – I wish you had a picture of more than an empty bowl so I could see the soup in it’s full glory!

  16. Kim says:

    I love the image of the empty bowl and the recipe hints at a wonderful pot of flavour that this soup is. I will try it and have it with rice or quinoa as suggested.

  17. Damilola Adeleye says:

    I love creamy soup so much and here I am reading a detailed and rich recipe!! I will definitely try this out. Thank you!

  18. Erica says:

    I’m roasting veggies right now. But I’ve never made soup from roasted vegetables. This seems so yummy.

  19. The soup sounds delicious.. even in the springtime (;


  20. Daisy says:

    I love finding new healthy recipes to try with my family and this sounds absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

  21. Ana says:

    This soup looks so healthy and I love that it is vegan and gluten-free. I’m always on the lookout for home-made easy to make meals and I just added your delicious soup to the bunch. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Emily says:

    This looks so delish! Perfect for this never-ending winter I’m having!

  23. jenny says:

    This sounds delicious and there are a few more cool days left here in Florida, I think I will take advantage and try this tonight. Butternut squash is my favorite and I am always looking for new recipes. Thank you!

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