iced matcha latte

do you matcha much? pretty new to the green tea powder myself and it’s been a pleasure to experiment with.   literally. due to the increased levels of l-theanine found in matcha leaves. l-theanine is an amino acid that has been shown to increase the production of alpha waves to the brain.   these waves not only induce mental relaxation and reduce stress but they also stimulate an improvement of mood, concentration, and memory.   matcha... Read More

dairy-free vanilla protein smoothie

recently i had the opportunity to lead a small group on a winter adventure. although it was an online group program it reminded me of the wilderness trips i used to lead. it was a top notch group of participants and we had an exciting 7-days without coffee, alcohol or refined sugar. no coffee, sugar, or alcohol? no coffee, sugar, or alcohol and i consider it fun? don’t get me wrong. you know i enjoy my coffee but i also enjoy taking a break... Read More

cold-brewed iced coffee concentrate

are you a fan of summertime iced coffee drinks but don’t always want to run past your favorite shop to pick it up? no worries, i’ve always got your back with a do-it-yourself cold-brewed iced coffee hack. more chill for the dog days of summer. this iced coffee hack takes 5-10 minutes of effort to put together and 8-12 hours of waiting as it brews. beware, it’s a high octane concentrate that could potentially knock your caffeine... Read More

my coco cilantro green smoothie

sugar, sugar or honey, honey? sugar and sugar alternatives are all the rage. it’s no secret too much sugar does not do a body good. everyone and their sister would like to knock it out of their diet in every which way, shape and form. however, many struggle before ultimately giving up. been there. done that. and it was a miserable experience. for health purposes there was a period of time i quit consuming sugar in every form. including fruit.... Read More

be your own barista: dandelion root lattes

via @wellandgood instagram health is a funny game. everyone has a different take on the one thing they ate or did that brought them ultimate success. however, in my experience, that’s not exactly how it works. every person is as different as every single body that exists. what works for one might not work for another and in order to find the way we need to be willing to explore our own health. that’s the work i do not only as a health... Read More

instant chocolate almond milk

is it a  desert or a milk? the line is blurry but the nutritional integrity of instant chocolate almond milk is not even questionable. creatively blended, no straining needed, filled to the brim with superfood power and a taste so sweet it couldn’t be healthy but it is. instant chocolate almond milk is dairy-free chocolate milk at its finest. instant chocolate almond milk 1 batch instant vegan almond butter milk 3 tb cacao powder (every once... Read More

instant vegan almond butter milk

this instant vegan almond butter milk recipe could be better named instantly gone vegan almond butter milk. it is a creamy and sweet recipe that can easily be adjusted as needed. so simple it is almost painful. no soaking nuts, no milk bag needed, just milk and go! instant vegan almond butter milk 3 1/2 cups water 1/4 cup plus 1 tb medjool dates, pitted (4 dates) 1/2 cup almond butter 1 vanilla bean pinch of sea salt place everything in the blender... Read More

winterized dairy-free walnut milk

cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk gets winterized this season with warming ground spices. both cinnamon and nutmeg help destroy cold in the body and at the same time, will stimulate circulation. in an aryuvedic sense, nutmeg will pacify the vatta dosha while it increases the pitta. ground nutmeg is also a natural sleep remedy and is often served in warm milk prior to bed. serve it warm or serve it cold, either way, winterized dairy-free walnut... Read More

blue-green algae anytime cocktail

klamath lake blue-green algae anytime cocktail and i go way back and i’m always on a mission to make it a habit for others. i find an elegance in its ease and i always head back for more. potent with intrinsic nutritional invincibility it clears my head, stimulates focus and points me in the right direction while keeping my immune system at full strength. even the toughest critic has found enjoyment in a drink that ‘tastes like summertime’. although... Read More

no frill lemon ginger ale

no frill lemon ginger ale is warming yet refreshingly healthy and takes very little time to prepare. ginger root has properties that will nurture the ailments of the coming season such as a runny nose, the common cough, as well as sinus and throat congestion. plain and simple, ginger root is an intense immune system booster and a digestive system superhero that will increase your internal fire and allow you to heat up the body from the inside... Read More