a shot of chlorophyll with a side of pinball

  the second round of the no frills adventure has recently finished up and once again, it was an exceptional group. years before i started teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy, while blogging my days away, i spent my time leading wilderness trips and teaching outdoor education.   now that my focus has shifted to clean eating and healthy living i’ve combined the things i love most to offer these group adventures in an online... Read More

strawberry coconut green smoothie

strawberry coconut green smoothie is a quickie like most smoothies are. that’s the bonus of the smoothie right? this one can be tweaked to the sweetness of your liking. if you are newer to the revolution add more strawberries and pineapple as a sweetener. you could also add a couple dates, honey or a few drops of stevia. on the other hand, if you have been doing the green smoothie thing for quite some time, challenge yourself to go heavy with... Read More

green ‘mojito’ aloe juice

an enzyme rich, probiotic filled green juice green ‘mojito’ aloe juice is an alcohol free, probiotic filled refreshing and hydrating cocktail. yes, a cocktail that is beneficial for the health of your skin, as well as your digestive tract. green ‘mojito’ aloe juice will leave you feeling better than worse if you overindulge. soothing on the stomach and cooling to the nervous system, green ‘mojito’ aloe juice fills... Read More

how to juice an alkaline green juice

it is easy to juice a healthy, alkaline, raw, vegan green juice at home. this rawcipe is inspired by elaina love of pure joy planet and her video discussing an alkaline diet. i added to it the alkalinizing prowess of spinach, as well as additional apple and lemon. fresh juice efficiently supplies the body with dense nutrients almost on demand and in as little as five minutes you will feel the effects because it enters the bloodstream so quickly.... Read More

green orange juice

as april comes to an end here in boulder, we are knee deep in a weekly rocky mountain storm cycle. the abundance of spring snow showers does not slow my breville juice fountain elite down one bit. in fact, spring is traditionally known as an excellent time for detoxification and an important time to increase your leafy green consumption. substitute the usual orange juice for the new green orange juice and start each day out on the correct foot. green... Read More

blue-green algae anytime cocktail

klamath lake blue-green algae anytime cocktail and i go way back and i’m always on a mission to make it a habit for others. i find an elegance in its ease and i always head back for more. potent with intrinsic nutritional invincibility it clears my head, stimulates focus and points me in the right direction while keeping my immune system at full strength. even the toughest critic has found enjoyment in a drink that ‘tastes like summertime’. although... Read More

cucumber attack green juice

first to admit that my consumption of cucumbers is a little over the top this summer, i am unable to control it and alas, i surrender. it’s hot, they are cooling, i’m thirsty, they are quenching and in my mind that defines a mutually beneficial healthy relationship. cucumber attack green juice is just as it sounds, a cucumber heavy hitter that makes its way through your juicer. sweet and easy, but unusually powerful. the cuke attack... Read More

cucumber aloe green juice cooler

fresh juice is the ultimate fast food. it is literally a nutrient express to better health. the cucumber aloe green juice cooler is a green juice that tastes so fresh and so clean, the most superb pairing for the hot summer months. consisting of ninety percent water, cucumbers are known to be a cooling vegetable and are in abundance throughout summer. a cucumber has the same ph balance as the skin and adding them to your regular eating lifestyle can... Read More


let’s get this out of the way, i’m really into the coconut. i’m into the coconut itself, as well as, the coconut waters, the coconut meat, the shredded coconut, the coconut oil, the coconut butter and the funny thing is that the coconut is not even a true nut but a drupe. that places it into the same family as the peach, the plum, the nectarine, the mango and even the almond. this RAWcipe calls for the coconut’s water which... Read More

my morning green juice

i’m amazed at the power that my morning juice holds and its ability to blast off into a productive, well-executed day. full of effective hydration, tons of vitamin c, as well as anti-viral agents, this sparkling green juice is an excellent drink to fight off the seasons fevers, flus and coughs! this sparkling a.m. superfood express shuttle is an abundant source of one of natures most digestible and usable plant-based proteins known, it helps... Read More