not nutella

not nutella is a healthier version of the much loved nutella. it’s dairy-free, raw vegan, and one of my favorite healthy recipe hacks. it’s something i also enjoy packaging up in cute little jars with ribbons and sharing as gifts with family, friends, clients and students come holiday time. it’s a simple recipe (because, in my opinion, simple is always best) requiring 4 ingredients. a food processor, a pinch of patience and a dash... Read More

plant-based walnut tacos

this rawcipe is a plant-based walnut taco building experience. it’s not quite chipotle but, in my opinion, it’s better because you can make it at home. it’s as simple as having seasoned walnut taco meat, great guacamole and a head of purple cabbage on hand. in no way shape or form am i a chipotle hater. it’s a great, mostly healthy, fast food joint that seems to have food morals  i’m happy to support. when i’ve... Read More

the ultimate march madness healthy menu

3 weeks. 67 games. roughly 800 players. 1 team left standing. it’s not crazy, it’s just sports. and it’s march. march madness. the madness of march is filled with excitement and happiness, as well as lots and lots of heartache. one shining moment can make or break an entire season. every game is a chance to survive and advance or pack up and head home. for those of us glued to the games from our own screens, well, we’re going... Read More

healthy holiday recipe round-up and DIY gifts

the busyness of the holiday season is settling in and here’s a round-up of my favorite healthy holiday recipes. the great news is they also double as DIY gifts. feeling a bit like one of santa’s little elves as i’ve been on the hustle making chocolate candy bars for my crew. for those on my list that don’t care for dark chocolate (yes those people exist) there’s a white chocolate version being made as well.  for... Read More

wheat and gluten free raw vegan pizza

this is an exciting post for me because i am in love with this raw vegan veggie topped pizza recipe. everyone loves pizza, at least everyone i know loves pizza. seriously, who can resist a relaxing ‘pizza and  movie night’ now and again? pizzas are versatile, satisfying, and in my opinion, an excellent comfort food. the crust is a wheat and gluten free nut-based rawcipe i shared awhile back and i’ve topped it so many different ways... Read More

marinated portobello mushrooms

marinated portobello mushrooms are looking to join your next dinner dish. although sometimes as small as a button, mushrooms contain nutrients that boost immune function by flushing the body of unwanted toxins and may also play a role in fighting cancer. portobello mushrooms are crimini mushrooms that have grown to their full potential and are known to be low in calories, high in fiber while loaded with b vitamins. no roots. no leaves. no flowers.... Read More

tart cherry drizzle

tart cherry drizzle has endless possibilities and is high on the lip smack-ability index. tart cherries are beneficial because they are high in antioxidants and phenolics, helping to reduce deposits of uric acid in the joints and therefore reducing painful feelings associated with inflammation. they also contain melatonin and that helps us turn out our own lights at the end of the day and sends us into a restful sleep. a concentrated cherry juice... Read More

hurts like heaven cashew cheese spread

cashew nuts are kidney shaped seeds found at the bottom of the cashew apple. the nuts are the produced fruit of the cashew tree and a native to northern brazil. with a mild sweetness and smooth texture the cashew not only adds flavor and body to many raw/living food recipes, they also boost your mood and stabilize your thoughts to help fight depression. they contain oleic acid, the same heart-healthy fat that is found in olive oil, making them a... Read More

creamy ‘alfredo’ sauce with kelp noodles

winter is in full swing here in colorado and the desire for heavier meals has ascended. creamy cashew alfredo sauce with kelp noodles is a wonderfully nutritious, healthy alternative to any traditional creamy pasta dish. kelp noodles are used the same way you would use spaghetti, but come in the form of a completely raw, natural and unprocessed product that host an abundance of nutritional benefits. this is an excellent, wheat and gluten free, high-raw/living,... Read More

vegan savory seed cheese

savory seed cheese is a high-raw, vegan, non-dairy, nut-free, wheat and gluten free cheese that is full of flavor and over the top with excitement. the raw sunflower seeds used are full of healthy fats, proteins, fibers, minerals, as well as, vitamin e. each an important component to the nutritional quality of your diet and of fundamental importance in creating your most brilliant health. dill is an herb that is pungent and warming and touted as... Read More