the no frills 7-day clean eating adventure


are you: tired of being tired? looking to break free from unhealthy eating habits you know are bad for you? struggling to manage cravings that sabotage your efforts to be healthy? thinking there are foods you’re sensitive to that may be preventing you from feeling your best? wanting to feel more vibrant and energetic in […]

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  are you… not seeing the results you’re looking for with your weight loss goals? trying to understand a new diet or protocol but you don’t know where to begin? struggling with cravings and want to end the cycle? fighting to kick your sugar habit but nothing has worked? dealing with an allergy or food […]

don’t manage disappointment, create success: set s.m.a.r.t. goals and work with a health coach


quite often someone streams a look of confusion my way as i mention i’m a health coach. it piques their interest and generates more than one question. ranking among the top: is that a real thing? what does that mean? can you help me?  health coaching is a real thing. it’s about support, behavior and accountability, and […]

30 minutes is the new marathon: the inphyusion 30-day movement challenge


  **special note: we have a group beginning the challenge april 17th and will be staying connected through a private facebook in order to encourage and motivate one another along the way and hopefully we’ll share a few laughs along the way…we’d love to have you join and you can click to do so!!   […]

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e3live blue green algae


inphyusion has recently teamed up with the affiliate program at e3live. e3live is the world’s first and only frozen algae, a nutrient dense aqua botanical. it is a daily habit at my house and it’s another product that i’m happy to get people interested in, not only because i’m a part of the team but […]

yoga hors d’oeuvres-the happy hour menu


each happy hour hors d’oeuvre is a specially formulated superfood rocket offered as an extension to your hearts and hips asana practice at om time. stepping off the mat, each bite will send you into your weekend fully charged yet smooth and serene, ready for what lies ahead. enjoy.   thin min-Tee 1 1/2 cups […]

welcome to inphyusion


welcome to inphyusion, which is a wholly organic think pad, a product of mindful multitasking, the sprout of one idea taking life to create something altogether new and yet always connected back to the beginning, like a thread, similar to a sutra, full of substance and mindfully flavored, inphyusion aspires to be an inspirational promoter […]

powered by parsley


parsley is one potent little plant that packs a powerful punch nutritionally and i make sure to eat some just about everyday! it is extremely high in chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. chlorophyll is vital for the process of photosynthesis which allows a plant to obtain food directly from carbon dioxide using energy […]

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