deep dive wellness session


are you sick and tired of running after the latest health fad and looking for a real solution?

maybe you’ve been feeling fatigued and exhausted or maybe you have a sense that something’s not right.

you’ve tried all the diets, superfoods, exercise trends and yet nothing has gotten you where you want to be.

been there. done that.

maybe you’ve recently been handed a doctor’s order to improve your diet and lifestyle but that feels foreign and you don’t understand where to start.

are you in search of the magic pill? a perfect and final solution to your lack of energy, inconsistent sleep patterns, brain fog, poor focus, lack of motivation, or feeling anxious.

…not to mention the impact it’s had on your closest relationships, job performance, your confidence levels, and enjoyment in the activities you love.

you’ve read all the books.

listened to the podcasts.

meanwhile, nothing has improved, and things have possibly even gotten worse.

you’re feeling overwhelmed.

and tired of trying to figure it out on your own.

bottom line: your body is sending a message to your brain that something’s not right.

this is where i can help.

i love coaching ambitious and resilient people who care about feeling good in their body and mind. i’m motivated to help people

just like you 

improve their quality of life while powerfully transforming their experience of health.

i essentially help YOU live your best life.


​do you want to THRIVE instead of merely survive?

do you need relief NOW?

change doesn’t happen overnight but it can be motivated by one strong event or experience.

that one event or experience can be broken down to bite-size pieces and ACTION STEPS that fit your lifestyle.

doeable, impactful, body invigorating ACTION STEPS that change habits. ACTION STEPS that help you reach your goal when practiced with consistency.

let me tell you a little more about the deep dive wellness session in detail.

the program:

the deep dive is the starting point for all one-on-one personalized coaching with jessica. it can stand alone as a one time coaching session before you’re off and on your way. a new deep dive session can also be useful each time you have a new goal or mission you’d like to set in motion.

it is what you want and need it to be. it is the work you’re willing to do that makes all the difference.

during the call:

i’ll invite you to share what you’ve been experiencing, what you’ve already tried, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what your ultimate goals and desires are.

the deep dive is an opportunity to look through the areas of life that affect your overall wellness. we’ll delve into health and nutrition, living environment and personal growth practices, as well as career and financial well being.

we will:

-identify where you’re feeling stuck or unwell

-uncover what is and is NOT serving you

-clearly define what you want

-discover what is blocking you from achieving what you want

-set a SMART goal

-and together, we create a strategy with realistic ACTION STEPS designed specifically for you as a road map to achieving your goal

the deep dive wellness session includes:

-a complete health history

-2 hour deep dive phone session PLUS a 45 minute follow-up session 2 weeks later. both sessions are done by phone and are followed with session follow up emails filled with suggestions, recommendations and any other useful feedback and information.

-email support throughout and for 2 weeks after the follow up session

your investment:

$447.00 plus a good attitude and the desire to do the work.

this is for you if:

you have BIG goals for your health and life.

you are fed up with your current state of health and wellness and are REALLY really ready to make a change NOW.

you are bold and open to new things and ideas, fully committed to stepping out of your comfort zone.

you are open to being guided, coached, and mentored while looking for support and encouragement with suggestions and recommendations from a health and wellness professional.

you have a positive attitude and are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to transform your current situation…even if it’s challenging.

you are willing to invest in your health.

if, and only if, you are willing to bring ALL of your efforts to the table AND ready to reach beyond where you are right now, THEN i am willing to work with you because that’s when i do my BEST work.

my clients MUST have an inspiring mission they are willing to sweat for and maybe even shed a few tears on. the biggest best change always requires so BUT the problem is never bigger than the potential.

this is NOT for you if:

you want to complain or shift blame as true transformation requires you take personal responsibility seriously.

you’re only kinda, sorta, maybe thinking you want change as accomplishing your mission requires you whole-heartedly fully commit to the assignment.

you aren’t willing to work harder than i am for your health and wellness.

not sure you believe what i’m putting down but find yourself curious?

book a complimentary discovery session and let me hear your thoughts and concerns.

during this call we’ll get to know one another, discuss your personal needs, and together we’ll explore if working together is a match for both of us.

the investment is only 20-30 minutes of your valuable time BUT the return has the potential to change your life.

eat well. breathe well. move well. feel well,