VIP day


a VIP day is a one-day coaching experience targeted to address a specific problem or challenge you’re struggling with. this is an opportunity to get all the content needed to achieve a goal or address a problem downloaded in a very short period of time.


a VIP day is great…if you have a busy or unpredictable schedule…are reluctant to commit to a longer, time consuming program….are driven to see results fast.


a VIP day creates a setting for you to spend transformative hours with a health and wellness expert and together we tackle the details of your habits and lifestyle. from your pantry to your self-care habits. we lay out a plan to support your new lifestyle and customize a wellness formula for your specific needs. this could include teaching you a set of self-care rituals, a private yoga or a therapeutic massage, or setting up a fitness or exercise program for you to follow. your VIP day could include a health food store tour, meal and food prep, meal planning tips or strategies, or deep exploration and makeover of your pantry. following your VIP day we stay in contact to help make the habits yours.


whether you suffer from physical ailments or you’re looking to simply feel better in your own skin this is a unique opportunity to learn the healing benefits of balanced nutrition, healthy movement, and the power of living holistically as you reenergize yourself from the inside and out. most importantly you learn how to do it yourself.


what to expect:

pre-session assessment

a total of 6 contact hours (phone and in home)

unlimited email access

any combination of ideas for the day: pantry, fridge, freezer makeover

health food store tour

meal planning and prep help

yoga private and/or massage therapy

self-care rituals

fitness and exercise

a personalized action plan created for the context of your busy lifestyle

VIP follow-up phone coaching session


what else to expect:

education. learn from an expert in nutrition, exercise, and mind body connection. discover the benefits of clean eating, movement, self care and other stress management strategies and how to incorporate them into your daily life.


one-on-one guidance. during your personal strategy session we focus on identifying your wellness wants, needs and goals as well as, discovering the factors that have been limiting or blocking your success to this point. we agree upon a plan of action, implement the plan, and you have me as your personal coach to help with any hiccups along the way.


investigation. uncover the critical piece of what’s missing from your daily routine–what is the single most important behavioral change you could make to achieve success? the answer is as simple and unique as you are an individual.


authentic one-on-one conversation. during your VIP experience we will get to know one another very well and have honest productive conversations so we can identify your unique challenges. then we shift the behaviors and habits that sabotage your success and create a new story.


the benefits:


custom design. health is NOT one size fits all. it’s about you and your needs. prefer a workout over a massage? or a kitchen clean-up consultation instead of yoga? maybe additional cooking inspiration and meal prep help? your day includes 3 hours of one-on-one time. you choose how it’s spent.


feel rejuvenated. really relax! how often do you take a day to reenergize? enjoy massage, yoga, or learn other strategies to recharge and fill your tank.


learn self-care. we take a look at your daily routine and discuss potential behaviors and practices to add-in which will support your health while identifying those which do not serve you. less is more!


1-1 convenience. personalized. private. in the comfort of your own home. with a scheduled follow-up to hold you accountable.


flexible. get the whole package. add in the pieces you need. whether you are already a healthy eater, exercise enthusiast or someone who knows how to relax the VIP day will help shift you in the direction you desire or didn’t even know you needed.


yes please, let’s get started!


investment: $995


2 hour personal strategy session is conducted by phone. it’s a deep dive to identify your goals and helps us maximize our time spent together.

3.5 contact hours which can include but are not limited to: learning to navigate a health food store, creating a healthy kitchen, creating a safe non-toxic home, establishing self-care rituals, weight management, cooking lessons, meal planning and prep, yoga and/or massage therapy and planning a schedule to maintain your new healthy habits. this will be discussed during the personal strategy session

2 weeks of unlimited email coaching support following your VIP day. it’s an opportunity to receive guidance and support with any challenges you face putting your plan into action. you’re able to ask questions as they arise, share any ah-hahs or wins you experience.

1 hour phone consultation follow-up session two weeks after your VIP day to answer any last questions or revise the initial plan as needed. this is to help you stay on track as you integrate the healthy habits and rituals that support your wellbeing.


think this program is for you but have questions or want to know more? let’s hop on the phone and talk!

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