it has come to be my belief that nutrition and the foods we artistically combine, hold the power to heal us when we are able to listen closely and choose effectively. the correct foods have the ability to inform, to direct and to re-design our entire body, towards radically brilliant health, inside and out. inphyusion aspires to inspire nutritionally creative, functional foods through developing recipes that lead to optimal levels of performance and full satisfaction while utilizing, at times, a technical degree of beauty and a space that demands originality in thought.

my journey with food and nutrition began as fun and games, happy accidents occurring as different foods came into relationship. slowly, i became more aware of my body’s response to what i ate and naturally began to eat more of what made me feel great and less of what didn’t. my moods shifted, my sleep improved and over all i found myself experiencing my day to day life at a whole new way.

whenever flaxseeds become a regular food among the people, there will be better health~mahatma gandhi