self-care isn’t selfish


all too often we put the need to focus on ourself off to the side thinking we’ll get to it later. yet, self-care is an important foundation to any healthy lifestyle. it’s at the epicenter of our healthiest habits. self-care is a journey like any other and it requires that you’re paying attention.

there’s a self-care revolution taking place. are you in?

self-care does not have to cost an arm and a leg. it isn’t a frivolous act and doesn’t have to take lots of time.

and most importantly, self care is NOT selfish.

taking care of yourself is the number one thing you could do to improve your health this year. it’s the easiest way to boost your confidence. to enhance your relationships. and it’s the ultimate path to finding the ‘glow’ everyone talks about, naturally. no make-up or filters needed.

self-care can be as simple as eating more fruits and veggies, drinking more water daily, heading to bed early one night a week for extra sleep or getting up early to get out and enjoy the sunrise. other easy options include going on a short walk in your neighborhood or spending time with family and friends.

what fills you up? what makes you thrive?

self-care isn't selfish

more self-care ideas:

run a bath with essential oils

find a new workout or class to enjoy

find a new mind-body practice to enjoy

exercise with a friend

find a hobby that you enjoy like cooking, knitting, or get lost in a book

book a massage, get a facial, or schedule a mani/pedi

spend time alone and give yourself a facial or mani/pedi

enjoy a road trip alone or with friends

learn to meditate

learn to mediate because everyone is doing it. it is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but for very good reason. because it works. meditation most likely will not be enjoyable at first but stick with it. in my experience, it enriches itself as you cultivate the practice.

**disclaimer–at times my personal mediation game has been on point and at times it has been nonexistent. that’s why they call it a practice right? i’ve started once again this year and plan to build my practice throughout the year. if at first you don’t succeed, try again. and again. and again.

ENJOY do you see a theme? to enjoy what you do by no means is to ignore all else because there are certain things that must be done. it’s called adulting. it’s best to make a plan for your self-care routine. schedule it on your calendar as you would an important meeting. then stick to it. have a few back-up ideas in mind so you can audible as needed.

for instance, regular exercise and yoga are a staple in my self-care plan but, after traveling for the holidays, i’ve found myself a touch under the weather while finishing up this post. because i haven’t been up to speed, my exercise and yoga have taken a backseat to resting and sleep. i’m doing my best to overindulge in rest and recovery knowing how both support the healing process. the quicker i recover, the faster i’m back to the routine i love and find so nourishing.

have you set S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2017? what is your self-care plan? and how can i help?

i offer a complimentary wellness session which is a 20-30 minute phone call where we discuss your current health concerns and/or goals. this conversation is an opportunity for you to set your path for the year. it’s an opportunity to jumpstart your january and take care of yourself in a way that will promote wellness. book here, i’ve made extra space available throughout january!

please comment below and let me know how you practice self-care:


6 Responses to “self-care isn’t selfish”
  1. I completely endorse this message!

    As a self-described newly ’emancipated’ empty nester on a journey of self (re)discovery, I could not agree more.
    I learned, you can’t give from an empty vessel, the hard way and am now ‘selfishly’ doing all I can to re-fill me.

    • Jessica says:

      i love it and so true, you can’t give from an empty vessel…cheers to your continued journey ‘selfishly’ filling you up!

  2. Whimsy says:

    I love the message you are expressing in this blog post! Self-care is so very important for everyone to live by! Great post!

    • Jessica says:

      thanks whimsy and glad you heard the message (: many times i see people willing to take care of everyone around them EXCEPT themselves!!

  3. Selfcare is so important for a healthy life! These are all good tips, like beeing positive and always looking on the bright side of things!

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