a shot of chlorophyll with a side of pinball



the second round of the no frills adventure has recently finished up and once again, it was an exceptional group. years before i started teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy, while blogging my days away, i spent my time leading wilderness trips and teaching outdoor education.


now that my focus has shifted to clean eating and healthy living i’ve combined the things i love most to offer these group adventures in an online format.


recently chlorophyll drinks have been popping up all over the wellness scene, which is great since its been a favorite of mine for a number of years. so much so, that you’ll find chlorophyll shots on the optional list during the no frills adventure.


the chlorophyll shot is essentially a no-mess, hassle-free green juice. seriously. no juicer required with all the benefits of freshly juiced greens. and don’t get me wrong, i love using my juicer and drinking my juice but having to clean my juicer is another story.


many times i’ve wished the juicer cleaning fairy (i like to believe there is such a thing) to my dwelling place to take care of the mess but, at the time of this post, they’ve failed to appear..


what is chlorophyll?


chlorophyll is the green pigment present in plants which facilitates the absorption of light from the sun. it’s the reason behind the green color in plants. thank you biology class.


it has the amazing ability to convert light energy into a usable form of energy that is available for human consumption. it’s my understanding there are two different forms of chlorophyll available, quite conveniently referred to as chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b and the most widely present form in plants is chlorophyll a. keeping it simple. keeping it real.


the real mind blower of chlorophyll is that its molecular structure is similar to that of hemoglobin. and hemoglobin is the critical part of  blood that is racing through our human veins. so, because of this unique characteristic, liquid chlorophyll performs the same function in the body as hemoglobin!


yep, mini-mind blower.



the chlorophyll shot i enjoy as part of my morning routine is as simple as adding ChlorOxygen to my liquid of choice.


i simply take one of my favorite thrifted mini-juice glasses, fill it with water, aloe juice or even coconut water and add a dropper full of ChlorOxygen before i slam it down the way i use to enjoy a shot of tequila.


i have no affiliation with this brand only a long time fan!



and, let me be clear, that’s not to say a shot of tequila is BAD either, however, it’s not something i do daily and certainly not in the AM before i’m headed to teach let’s say my 6am yoga class.


but early AM shots of chlorophyll? line them up, let’s get this party started!!


happy hour back in the day was a beautiful and well enjoyed outing but my party time these days has shifted to a shot of chlorophyll before a stroll down to the farmers market.


wild, i know. but oddly as enjoyable to this goofy-green-lovin’ gal.


my how times change. and unfortunately i have yet to find the pinball machine at the market because although a little rusty she sure plays a mean pinball.


although i’m not deaf, dumb, or blind my college friends got a kick out playing the who at our favorite dive bar while they fed the pinball machine quarters and kept cool liquid refreshments headed my way during our late night sessions.


more than once they even referred to me as the pinball wizard which puffed me up and filled me with a little bit of pride.


benefits of liquid chlorophyll


-helps the body in normal blood clotting and wound healing

-aids in balancing hormones

– deodorizes and detoxifies of the body

-promotes healthy digestion

-aids the body in managing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia

-it’s an excellent source of vitamin A, C, E, K, beta carotene, and essential fatty acids

-restores and replenishes red blood cells and has the ability to regenerate our body



make your own liquid chlorophyll shots:

grab your favorite shot glass

fill it with water, aloe juice, or coconut water

add 1 dropper full of ChlorOxygen

slam it!


15 Responses to “a shot of chlorophyll with a side of pinball”
  1. It’s definitely becoming more popular! I also wish there was a juicer cleaning fairy by the way lol

  2. Mattie says:

    I had never heard of this before! I will have to look into this!

  3. I heard of chorophyll but it’s good know the benefits of taking it. I might try to check this one out.

  4. Marina says:

    A very useful information!! Disnt know that it can be use as your hemoglobine as well! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kaylee says:

    I have never heard of these but it sounds like there are many great benefits!

  6. I never knew it had so many benefits, thanks for sharing!

  7. Cara says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. I am definitely going to try it. I would rather take a quick shot instead of preparing a whole smoothie.

  8. Jeanette says:

    I have never heard of it, so thanks for sharing this 🙂 Have no idea if we have this in Sweden.

  9. Kate says:

    We used to have a juicer but gave it away a few years ago because cleaning it was such a pain! I’ve been missing fresh juices since then though, so I’m happy to hear there’s a way to get the benefits without the cleaning!

  10. I have a friend who swears by this, I’m not sure why I haven’t looked into it more by now! Thanks for all the information!

  11. Amy Mcclung says:

    I had never heard of this before! I will have to look into this! Thank you so much…


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