don’t manage disappointment, create success: set s.m.a.r.t. goals and work with a health coach


what is a health coach?

quite often someone streams a look of confusion my way as i mention i’m a health coach. it piques their interest and generates more than one question. ranking among the top: is that a real thing? what does that mean? can you help me? 

health coaching is a real thing. it’s about support, behavior and accountability, and yes, i can help you once we identify what you need.

health and wellness coaching was born out of the field of humanistic psychology and behavioral change theory. with an undergraduate degree in psychology that focused on behavior change and the completion of studies at the institute of integrative nutrition i’ve studied over 100 dietary theories and look at each individual’s needs to tailor our time together. 

although hiring a health coach isn’t a quick fix it is a lasting one. programs consist of making changes to your current habits in order to meet your healthy lifestyle and wellness goals. feeling great becomes your norm and illness or discomfort your uncommon. energy is abundant and life feels more vibrant.

working with me as your health coach you’ll learn to make healthy choices on a daily basis that leave you feeling your best. i listen to your needs and wants and engineer a plan to help you achieve your goals. together we build and implement a personalized plan that does not require deprivation.

what is a health coach

we focus on incorporating whole foods and learning to observe the body’s responses to various lifestyle and dietary modifications. essentially you learn how to choose the health promoting behaviors and habits that work the best for you. instead of a struggle health becomes enjoyable which i’ve found to be an empowering process for each of my clients. it’s a process which produces lasting results because the choices being made are based on experiential education. their personal experience not the latest fad.

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many health coaches come from a variety of backgrounds much like my own. however, how i got to where i am is a story for another time. this is about how i can best serve you and help you set s.m.a.r.t. goals to successfully generate your ultimate health. 

s.m.a.r.t. goals are:






it’s not an idea i came up with but in practice i’ve seen it be very successful. the idea being the more detailed you are about what you want, the more likely you are to get it. plain and simple.

to say ‘i want to lose 20 pounds and be able to run one mile on the treadmill by march 2016’ packs a more powerful punch than simply saying ‘i want to get in shape this year’.

have you been guilty of creating grand goals and intentions but falling off your own wagon after a couple weeks for one reason or another? maybe not always ‘falling off the wagon’ entirely but definitely hobbling along on a broken spoke? or two?

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as a health coach i will help keep you in and on the wagon with all four wheels rolling smoothly. i help you set up challenging but attainable goals. i motivate, encourage, suggest and recommend health and lifestyle practices and hold you accountable to ensure your success. occasionally i’ve been known to blatantly bribe because honestly i’m not above that. but overall, i will get you where you want to be.

in a discovery session we discuss your top health and wellness concern. we spend 30 minutes on the phone as i gather information. following our discussion you receive an email follow-up to the session with 2-3 suggestions or recommendations to help you set s.m.a.r.t. goals. the discovery sessions mission is to get you off on the correct foot–placing you one step closer to success.

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think you’re too busy? you’re in luck because i specialize in designing healthy active lifestyles for the busy and willing. and because we are celebrating health coaching week in february–i’m gifting mini-minute breakthrough sessions this month….they’re first come first serve and you can sign up here.


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