wheat and gluten free zucchini pasta

julienned zucchini noodles

julienned zucchini noodles

wheat and gluten free zucchini pasta is a crisp and refreshing summertime noodle alternative that does not require using a stovetop. the noodles are fairly easy to make and a little seems to go a long way. not one to splurge on frivolous kitchen appliances i had been putting off the purchase of a vegetable spiralizer, but once i made the move i was spiralizing everything in sight.

i’m extremely happy the veggie pasta making machine is now in my possession but before it, i was happy too. the point being, that with success i have used a spiralizer, julienne, mandolin and a grater with zucchini in an effort to mimic pasta. the zucchini will soon be abundant, so keep this healthy wheat and gluten free zucchini pasta recipe handy for your mealtime creativity and inspiration.

sprialized zucchini noodes

sprialized zucchini noodles

wheat and gluten free zucchini pasta


veggie spiralizer, madolin, juliene, or grater

*peeling the zucchini is optional. the top photo the zucchini was peeled first and in bottom it was not to give you a visual.


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