vegan carrot noodles


wheat free, gluten free, vegan carrot noodles are the new noodle and have you heard, farm hopping is the new bar hopping! this year as summer is taking off, my newest pastime is too. from the boulder farmers market to local farm stores such as, cure organic farm, carrots can be found in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from bright oranges to outrageous purples and deep reds. the color alone will turn up the volume in any carrot filled situation.

to really step out of the box, play around with some handy kitchen tools to make your own vegan carrot noodles. use a food processorgratermandoline or julienne peeler to shape the noodles. no need to boil water, no need to rinse, no need to check the label to see if your vegan carrot noodles are wheat free and gluten free.

what you’ll need:
2-3 medium carrots per person
a food processor, hand grater, mandolin slicer or julienne peeler
a bowl
how to:
use the food processor, grater, mandolin or julienne peeler to shape the noodles. cut to desired length if needed and reserve in bowl. toss with olive oil and sea salt, creamy “alfredo’ sauce with or without the kelp noodles, or hurts like heaven cashew cheese spread for a complete pasta dish.


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