we get it.   you’re busy. they’re busy. everybody’s busy. the phrase is bit worn, don’t you think?   we stress ourselves out haunted by the idea there’s a lack of time.   worried we’ll never find the bottom of our impossibly designed and layered to-do list.   gripped by an unreasonable fear we’ll let ourselves or anyone and everyone depending on us down.   what if i were to tell you... Read More

the truth about detoxing: four biggest myths debunked

photo by maja petric thanks to much of what we hear in the media, cleansing and detoxing practices have earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe. when you hear the words cleanse or detox, do you immediately think of all-liquid diets, expensive supplements and short-term deprivation for short-term results? the truth is, a cleanse or detox does not have to involve any of the above and if you cleanse or detox in a healthy, supportive manner,... Read More