my morning green juice


i’m amazed at the power that my morning juice holds and its ability to blast off into a productive, well-executed day. full of effective hydration, tons of vitamin c, as well as anti-viral agents, this sparkling green juice is an excellent drink to fight off the seasons fevers, flus and coughs!

this sparkling a.m. superfood express shuttle is an abundant source of one of natures most digestible and usable plant-based proteins known, it helps your skin retain its youthfulness while it also speeds up heeling following an injury and it is so tasty that children have been seen enjoying it…so really, why wouldn’t you?

my morning green juice

1 fresh grapefruit juiced with a citrus reamer

1 fresh orage juiced with a citrus reamer

2 cups sparkling or plain water

1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple

1 tablespoon klamath blue-green algae

1. place in blender and enjoy. makes about one quart.


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