rev it up juice

it has been a long winter for most of us and rev it up juice is the perfect healthy recipe to brighten the days as we slide into spring. typically i love to charge the day with an alkaline green juice in hand but rev it up juice is a fun change of pace and the added ginger helps keep the body warm. it’s like drinking a bit of sunshine…was that cheesy….yes, but it’s the truth. rev it up juice 1 grapefruit, peeled 1 lemon, peeled 2-3... Read More

green ‘mojito’ aloe juice

an enzyme rich, probiotic filled green juice green ‘mojito’ aloe juice is an alcohol free, probiotic filled refreshing and hydrating cocktail. yes, a cocktail that is beneficial for the health of your skin, as well as your digestive tract. green ‘mojito’ aloe juice will leave you feeling better than worse if you overindulge. soothing on the stomach and cooling to the nervous system, green ‘mojito’ aloe juice fills... Read More

carrot ginger juice

carrots and ginger combine to create a sweet, yet zippy, healthy juice recipe. carrots, we all know, are full of beta carotene and they help strengthen eyesight. in addition, carrots have powerful cleansing properties which are effective in both the detoxification of the liver and the nourishment of the skin! personally, i cut this juice with filtered water to mellow out the sweetness yet absorb the beneficial nutrients. it almost goes without saying... Read More

how to juice an alkaline green juice

it is easy to juice a healthy, alkaline, raw, vegan green juice at home. this rawcipe is inspired by elaina love of pure joy planet and her video discussing an alkaline diet. i added to it the alkalinizing prowess of spinach, as well as additional apple and lemon. fresh juice efficiently supplies the body with dense nutrients almost on demand and in as little as five minutes you will feel the effects because it enters the bloodstream so quickly.... Read More

superfood orange juice

superfood orange juice is the ultimate cold and flu buster, making it a great addition to traditional methods of battling seasonal illnesses. it is heavily equipped with an armload of vitamin c, a well known component to a healthy and functioning immune system. vitamin c, while it has not been shown to prevent illness or decrease the severity of symptoms, it has shown to decrease the duration or lifespan of symptoms and is a crucial factor in the... Read More

cucumber attack green juice

first to admit that my consumption of cucumbers is a little over the top this summer, i am unable to control it and alas, i surrender. it’s hot, they are cooling, i’m thirsty, they are quenching and in my mind that defines a mutually beneficial healthy relationship. cucumber attack green juice is just as it sounds, a cucumber heavy hitter that makes its way through your juicer. sweet and easy, but unusually powerful. the cuke attack... Read More

juice mixers

a mixer by definition is ‘a device that blends or mixes substances or ingredients’ and typically i have at least three different fresh squeezed devices on hand, ready for immediate use. each juice mixers can be kept in a small jar in the refrigerator for up to one week. when making a recipe or creating a drink they are accessible, not a messy hassle and ready for consumption upon being mixed with other ingredients. mixers ginger juice 1-1... Read More

cucumber aloe green juice cooler

fresh juice is the ultimate fast food. it is literally a nutrient express to better health. the cucumber aloe green juice cooler is a green juice that tastes so fresh and so clean, the most superb pairing for the hot summer months. consisting of ninety percent water, cucumbers are known to be a cooling vegetable and are in abundance throughout summer. a cucumber has the same ph balance as the skin and adding them to your regular eating lifestyle can... Read More

root down tonic

‘root’ def. relating to an origin or source, an essential core, the underlying support. roots are known to serve the plant they host working to absorb and assimilate richness from the soil ensuring complete nourishment. energetically roots are much like our small intestine whose primary function is the absorption of nutrients from a food source. coincidently, consuming root plants appears to benefit the performance of a healthy intestinal... Read More

raw living cuisine and superfoods: what they are and where to begin

while in search of my own radically brilliant health, i’ve come to have a not-too-secret love affair with raw living cuisine and superfoods. raw living cuisine is food that has been cooked to a temperature of less than 115 degrees and consists of consuming uncooked, unprocessed, mostly organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and superfoods are foods that have a dozen or more unique nutritional qualities allowing them to serve as both food... Read More