leafy green lunch wraps


raw vegan wheat free lunch wrap recipeleafy green lunch wraps are a raw vegan version of the usual wheat or corn tortilla shell typically used. they are a healthy and versatile rawcipe, as well as a great way to boost your daily intake of greens. collard greens are my favorite leafy green to use for the wraps but chard, romaine, or any of the larger leafed greens will work. the wraps are alive and they travel well believe it or not.  when i travel they are pre-wrap-and-rolled, stored in a ziplock bag and placed at the top of  the luggage i plan to check. upon landing and receiving my bag there is a healthy meal waiting to be devoured.

the fillings ultimately are open to choice and taste. i’ll use what i have on hand but my favorites are mixed greens, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, fresh spouts, avocado or guacamole and homemade raw vegan ranch dressing to name a few. almond or other nut butters will add additional protein and savory seed cheesehurts like heaven cashew cheese spreadcreamy alfredo cashew sauceceleriac sushi rice will add more flavor and texture. as you see, raw vegan leafy green lunch wraps are open to your discretion. what will you be filling yours with?

leafy green lunch wraps

collard leaves or other leafy green, deveined (shown below)

assorted veggies (chopped, sliced, grated),  avocado (sliced), sprouts, etc

dips, spreads (see above)

1. to begin cut the thickest portion of the stem, as seen in the photo and remove.

raw vegan leafy green lunch wrap recipe

2. spread toppings in the leaf.

raw vegan leafy green lunch wrap recipe

3. fold the bottom up and wrap the ends in. hold tight and chow down. then, fill, wrap, chow. repeat. 


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