healthy fourth of july recipes


through the 4th of july i am generally on cookout lookout and have pulled together a handful of healthy recipes that are ready for your celebrations too. i am a huge fan of spending time with close friends that typically centers around sharing good food and lots of conversation. below you will find some personal favorites amongst my buddies and i that are sure to make an appearance at our cookouts and firework festivities for the fourth! below each photo you will find a link to the healthy recipe, enjoy!

superfood soft serve raw food ice creamsuperfood soft serve ice cream

pecan browniespecan brownie bars

raw food tart cherry drizzle

tart cherry drizzle

superfood soft serve sundae with pecan brownie bars

in the event you have the top three already available, you owe it to yourself to make a pecan brownie ice cream sandae

ice cold cucumber limeade

ice cold cucumber limeade and lemonade 

vegan arugula salad with basil oil dressing

arugula salad with vegan basil oil dressing 

vegan cashew dairy free cheese spread

hurts like heaven dairy free cashew cheese spread

vegan fresh fruit superfood kabobs

fresh fruit kabobs

raw food arugula avocado sushi rolls

arugula with avocado sushi rolls

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