healthy holiday recipe round-up and DIY gifts


holdiaysthe busyness of the holiday season is settling in and here’s a round-up of my favorite healthy holiday recipes. the great news is they also double as DIY gifts. feeling a bit like one of santa’s little elves as i’ve been on the hustle making chocolate candy bars for my crew. for those on my list that don’t care for dark chocolate (yes those people exist) there’s a white chocolate version being made as well.  for a twist of creativity and a personalizing touch i’ve been adding chopped nuts or dried fruits.

holiday round up white chocolate dairy free candy bars. JPG

cookies are another simple DIY’er and i have yet to hear anyone complain about receiving cookies that they can feel great about eating. or overeating. we all know that can happen from time to time while we’re celebrating, or at least in my experience it has!

sunbutter cookies, peanut butter cookies and cl’s living chocolate chip cookies are my go-to healthy cookie rawcipes. using holiday themed cutters it’s easy to set the correct seasonal mood. slight tweaks to any of the rawcipes will make your cookies suitable for most dietary options. let me know if you have any questions.

a holiday healthy recipe round up and DIY gifts.

with a quick stop at michael’s or another hobby and crafts store you’ll find boxes, tins, bags and other pretty nothings to wrap your goodies up in. toss on a colored ribbon or bow and whola! you have a created a DIY-made-with-love-gift to impress your friends with while you casually say happy holidays.

the DIY route relieves the stress of standing in line and dealing with wild crowds which are typically not conducive to generating holiday cheer. it also opens up time in your schedule and with that extra time you might as well catch a yoga class or book yourself a massage. these things will help keep your holiday cup of cheer full all season long.


cranberry pear grawnola, one mixture, two moves, pecan breakfast barshonied almonds, and honey nut almond mondos are other rawcipes i’ve packaged and gifted or simply have on hand for my own enjoyment. who says you can’t gift yourself?!




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