creamy cashew alfredo sauce with zoodles

recently i had the opportunity to make dinner for a few friends and decided a ‘pasta night’ would be fun. since it has still been fairly warm here dairy-free alfredo zoodles seemed perfect because there’s no need to use the stovetop and even my non-vegan buddies always enjoy this cashew alfredo sauce. so i grabbed a bunch of seasonally appropriate zucchini, pulled out my spiralizer and got to work. what you add to this dish... Read More

baby spinach with mango date dressing and sliced strawberries salad

baby spinach with mango date dressing and sliced strawberries is my current go-to fresh summer salad recipe. recently i took a great road trip to santa fe, new mexico with my mother and aunt who were visiting from wisconsin. i was a santa fe first timer and it is an inspiring area to say the least. after a long morning of exploring the plaza we decided to walk back to our villa to fill up on a healthy lunch and catch a refreshing swim before walking... Read More

fresh arugula salad

fresh lemon arugula salad is a healthy, raw, vegan, wheat and gluten free k.i.s.s. (keep it simple salad) recipe that plays with the taste buds. often people are leery of the arugula and its bold flavor. it’s not called the salad rocket for nothing! i’m a huge fan of arugula and use it in many rawcipes. my good friend kari,, recently introduced me to joanna,, another talented local artist... Read More

keep it simple kale salad

keep it simple salads (kiss) are salads that require few ingredients, little time and make a big fatty deposit in your health savings account. kale salad is the first one coming your way as it’s an easy go-to of mine. the preparation for this kiss is identical to the prep for the basic kale chip minus the use of the dehydrator. known to be a bit of an animal when kale is present, i’m unable to help myself because anyway that it is prepared,... Read More