not nutella

not nutella is a healthier version of the much loved nutella. it’s dairy-free, raw vegan, and one of my favorite healthy recipe hacks. it’s something i also enjoy packaging up in cute little jars with ribbons and sharing as gifts with family, friends, clients and students come holiday time. it’s a simple recipe (because, in my opinion, simple is always best) requiring 4 ingredients. a food processor, a pinch of patience and a dash... Read More

creamy chocolate cashew soft serve ice cream

september’s push to preserve summer has been stirred and swirled to create a creamy chocolate cashew soft serve ice cream. it’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast, treat enough for an after dinner desert, and does NOT require an ice cream maker or special blender. what?! and did i mention it only has five ingredients? this dairy and soy free delight can be made vegan or not depending on your sweetener of choice. typically i prefer using... Read More

healthy dairy-free banana split

looking to eat healthy, have a little bit of fun while you do it AND not spend hours in the kitchen? then you are in the right place because i have a dairy-free banana split recipe that is as easy as 1-2-3. what you’ll need: a couple ripe bananas superfood soft serve ice cream topping such as: chocolate sauce, crunchy buckwheat, honied almonds, nuts and seeds, cacao nibs, fresh or frozen berries, maybe a sweet cherry on top, etc. if you’re... Read More

plant-based walnut tacos

this rawcipe is a plant-based walnut taco building experience. it’s not quite chipotle but, in my opinion, it’s better because you can make it at home. it’s as simple as having seasoned walnut taco meat, great guacamole and a head of purple cabbage on hand. in no way shape or form am i a chipotle hater. it’s a great, mostly healthy, fast food joint that seems to have food morals  i’m happy to support. when i’ve... Read More

baby spinach with mango date dressing and sliced strawberries salad

baby spinach with mango date dressing and sliced strawberries is my current go-to fresh summer salad recipe. recently i took a great road trip to santa fe, new mexico with my mother and aunt who were visiting from wisconsin. i was a santa fe first timer and it is an inspiring area to say the least. after a long morning of exploring the plaza we decided to walk back to our villa to fill up on a healthy lunch and catch a refreshing swim before walking... Read More

juice mixers

a mixer by definition is ‘a device that blends or mixes substances or ingredients’ and typically i have at least three different fresh squeezed devices on hand, ready for immediate use. each juice mixers can be kept in a small jar in the refrigerator for up to one week. when making a recipe or creating a drink they are accessible, not a messy hassle and ready for consumption upon being mixed with other ingredients. mixers ginger juice 1-1... Read More

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies were inspired by a post i saw over at cucina libera, loosely translated, free cuisine. many times a recipe has promised their chocolate chip cookie will taste like the real thing and i am left not sold, until now. at cucina libera the cookies were already a great high-raw, vegan, nut free recipe, but because i cannot help myself, i played around with the recipe, dressed it up and made a completely raw/living... Read More

touch of lime kale chips

limes are high on my list of favorites and in my little kitchen an abundance of the round, green, love muffins can be found at all times. same story as the green leafy champion referred to as kale. so, why not let them orchestrate an explosion of flavor together? kind of like the hint of lime tostitos, but not really at all. in the end, it is just another reason to eat more kale. make a double batch touch of lime kale chips. it’s an easy wheat... Read More

cumin thin crisp vegan crackers

got almond pulp? a very good friend of mine is on a mission to rid her house of as much waste as possible and recently asked what could be done with leftover almond pulp. this is a crazy simple, super tasty rawcipe. the possibilities that can be created from the base are endless! for a nutty, peppery flavor that seems to be pretty versatile cumin makes an excellent fit, not to mention its powerful nutritional value which also comes in handy. cumin... Read More