ice cold cucumber limeade

here it is, a new groove to break the summertime monotony. ice cold cucumber limeade is a soft, subtle mix and just a little something to help you sit back to unwind. much like ice cold cucumber lemonade, the limeade is a refreshing burst of hydration full of cooling properties. total perfection for the triple digit temperatures that burn heavy during the pitta months. ice cold cucumber limeade 2 cups water 1 1/2 cups frozen cucumber, peeled and chopped 1/2... Read More

ice cold cucumber lemonade

recently a friend asked if i had ever used frozen cucumbers in a recipe. intriguing question and at that point i had not, now i’m nearly obsessed. instead of ice cubes, my freezer is full of peeled and chopped cucumbers that are ready for immediate use. the result? a super slushy cool liquid refreshment that has swept me off my feet and taken over as a main sorce of hydration. it is worth finding the aloe juice because of its extreme nutritional... Read More

cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk

walnuts are a powerhouse of omega 3 fatty acids and in comparison, contain more omega 3’s than any other nut. the wealth of fatty acids support proper brain function and essentially boost brain power to help foster and create clear thought patterns. b vitamins, vitamin e and substantial amounts of melatonin have also been found in walnuts. melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pineal gland and it is responsible for inducing... Read More

cucumber aloe green juice cooler

fresh juice is the ultimate fast food. it is literally a nutrient express to better health. the cucumber aloe green juice cooler is a green juice that tastes so fresh and so clean, the most superb pairing for the hot summer months. consisting of ninety percent water, cucumbers are known to be a cooling vegetable and are in abundance throughout summer. a cucumber has the same ph balance as the skin and adding them to your regular eating lifestyle can... Read More

root down tonic

‘root’ def. relating to an origin or source, an essential core, the underlying support. roots are known to serve the plant they host working to absorb and assimilate richness from the soil ensuring complete nourishment. energetically roots are much like our small intestine whose primary function is the absorption of nutrients from a food source. coincidently, consuming root plants appears to benefit the performance of a healthy intestinal... Read More


i grew up dreaming i could move and groove just like mike and drank lots of gatorade because of it. searching for a more natural means of athletically energetic freshness, i have turned to the use of dates. they are a perfectly designed powerhouse of energy with naturally occurring sugars that provide a quick kind of energy, immediately available for the body’s use. the date is also one of nature’s best sources of potassium, an essential... Read More

my morning green juice

i’m amazed at the power that my morning juice holds and its ability to blast off into a productive, well-executed day. full of effective hydration, tons of vitamin c, as well as anti-viral agents, this sparkling green juice is an excellent drink to fight off the seasons fevers, flus and coughs! this sparkling a.m. superfood express shuttle is an abundant source of one of natures most digestible and usable plant-based proteins known, it helps... Read More