dairy-free caramel apples

the dairy free, vegan caramel apple in the photo above has been rolled in chopped cashews. caramel apples say fall like nothing else and they are especially exciting when they’re dairy-free, vegan and raw. during the fall months you’ll see the honeycrisp apple make a brief appearance. they are a total treat flying solo, but add this simple carmel sauce and it becomes an instant delicacy. you can also roll your dairy free, vegan, caramel... Read More

vegan carrot ginger muffins

got carrot ginger juice pulp? if you have been looking for a way to use your leftover juice pulp, vegan carrot ginger muffins could be your answer. using dates and raisins as their sweetener the muffins are free of refined sugar and they taste simply delicious. although the nut-free muffins have a few more ingredients and steps then other rawcipes that have been posted, vegan carrot ginger muffins are densely packed with nutrition and absolutely... Read More

vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies

sunflower seed butter is the new peanut butter and vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies are a twist on the original peanut butter cookie. this version is free of peanuts, wheat and gluten for those who suffer an allergy or choose to abstain altogether. big on flavor and big in attitude, dip sunbutter cookies into a fresh glass of superfood frenzy hemp milk, sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk or cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk for an old fashioned... Read More

celeriac sushi rice

celeriac, declared the ugly ducking of the veggie world, easily becomes a beautiful wheat, gluten and grain free sticky sushi rice. found in the same family as the turnip and potato, celeriac is a low starch cousin of the starchy winter root vegetables. it is a great alternative to its more starchy family members. this ugly duckling is high in both potassium and soluble fiber,  which may help lower blood pressure while reducing the amount of... Read More

living chocolate frosting

let’s face it, chocolate tastes great on just about everything with the exception of maybe cabbage. if you have ever experienced a sweet tooth, in many cases, frosting is a necessity and at times there is an irresistible force that compels one to consume more than one should. used here is a locally made 100% cacao bar from life opening chocolates. it’s dairy free, soy free, gluten free, contains no refined sugar and has aptly been... Read More

seasoned walnut taco meat

looking for a little flare in flavor for a mexican themed dinner with friends? seasoned walnut taco meat will make a great base and even the biggest meat eater has stepped forward to admit that they truly enjoyed the substitute. holy moley, what a day maker! simple enough and a bit addictive , scoop it up and pile it on! seasoned walnut taco meat 2 cups soaked and dehydrated walnuts 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon coconut secret raw coconut... Read More

peanut butter cookies

as long as a chocolate chip cookie was in the works, it seemed a bit silly not to create a peanut butter cookie as well. after all, they have always been my favorite. really, peanut butter anything has always made me quite happy and these are no different. although not completely raw, they are a wheat and gluten free, vegan, superfood wonder in my mind. peanut butter cookies 2 cups shredded coconut 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter with a hint of sea... Read More

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies were inspired by a post i saw over at cucina libera, loosely translated, free cuisine. many times a recipe has promised their chocolate chip cookie will taste like the real thing and i am left not sold, until now. at cucina libera the cookies were already a great high-raw, vegan, nut free recipe, but because i cannot help myself, i played around with the recipe, dressed it up and made a completely raw/living... Read More

kettled kale chips

kettled kale is enough to make you open up and say WOW! it seems to occur with each and every handful at my house. bursting with a powerful combination of superfoods inphyusing quite a bit of sweet and a little bit salty, these are a full on p-a-r-t-y. kettled kale chips 1-2 heads of kale-any style 1 cup apple, chopped 1/2 cup walnuts, soaked (6 hours) and rinsed very well 1/4 cup dates, chopped 1/4 cup banana, chopped 1/4 cup shredded coconut 1/4... Read More

lover of the kale

there are times i jump for joy because kale has come into my life and although i do not clearly remember our first meeting or the first time i knew i’d fallen, it is true, i am a lover of the kale. initially a bit frightened and maybe even a little intimadated by the bitterness, the bite is now what calls me home, makes me feel alive and in my mind, i know i have committed myself to for the rest of my life, to have and to hold. there are several... Read More