wheat and gluten free raw vegan pizza

this is an exciting post for me because i am in love with this raw vegan veggie topped pizza recipe. everyone loves pizza, at least everyone i know loves pizza. seriously, who can resist a relaxing ‘pizza and  movie night’ now and again? pizzas are versatile, satisfying, and in my opinion, an excellent comfort food. the crust is a wheat and gluten free nut-based rawcipe i shared awhile back and i’ve topped it so many different ways... Read More

turmeric pepper flax crackers

turmeric pepper flax crackers are a high fiber healthy raw vegan cracker recipe that blends a touch of spice with a hint of sweetness. included is a dose of grated turmeric, a high-powered inflammation fighter that fancies a deep orange hue and is a relative to ginger root. the turmeric offers a warming, bitter, peppery flavor that compliments the sweetness of the yellow pepper. go ahead and let wheat and gluten free, raw vegan turmeric pepper flax... Read More

raw vegan cool ranch kale chips

everybody and their brother is busy making kale chips these days and cool ranch kale chips will not disappoint your taste buds. chip snacking can be a tough habit to break, as many of the people i’m coaching would agree, but mostly we’re looking for a mindless crunch. in my opinion kale chips fill that need with a healthy dose of nutrition and kale chips are a great healthy snack that will help you add more leafy greens to your daily... Read More

raw vegan pizza crust

if you find you have been avoiding movie night with friends because the pizza is too tempting and you swore you’d never eat another piece, avoid no longer and make this healthy raw vegan pizza crust. made with nuts, seeds, fresh herbs and spices it makes for a great semi-thin crust pizza. cover with hurts like heaven cashew cheese spread, creamy ‘alfredo’ sauce, savory seed cheese or even dairy-free ranch dressing and add your... Read More

raw vegan valentine’s day chocolate chip cookies

valentine’s day is right around the corner and a simple heart shaped cutout healthy raw vegan cookie recipe is perfect for the celebration. the heart-shaped cookies are based on my reipce for cl’s living chocolate chip cookies with the addition of a cookie cutter. with many different heart-shaped cookie cutters available i choose the larger so i can share a little extra vitaminL with my loved ones this year on valentine’s day. what... Read More

mango pineapple fruit paper

the journey began headed in the direction of fruit leather but ended happily as a raw and vegan healthy mango pineapple fruit paper. mango pineapple fruit paper has been given a double thumbs up and was also named by some local youngsters i know. they were completely happy to munch up every last roll i had available while giving detailed feedback. ultimately this rawcipe is easily adjustable depending on how thin or thick you choose to spread the... Read More

vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies

sunflower seed butter is the new peanut butter and vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies are a twist on the original peanut butter cookie. this version is free of peanuts, wheat and gluten for those who suffer an allergy or choose to abstain altogether. big on flavor and big in attitude, dip sunbutter cookies into a fresh glass of superfood frenzy hemp milk, sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk or cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk for an old fashioned... Read More

marinated portobello mushrooms

marinated portobello mushrooms are looking to join your next dinner dish. although sometimes as small as a button, mushrooms contain nutrients that boost immune function by flushing the body of unwanted toxins and may also play a role in fighting cancer. portobello mushrooms are crimini mushrooms that have grown to their full potential and are known to be low in calories, high in fiber while loaded with b vitamins. no roots. no leaves. no flowers.... Read More

peanut butter cookies

as long as a chocolate chip cookie was in the works, it seemed a bit silly not to create a peanut butter cookie as well. after all, they have always been my favorite. really, peanut butter anything has always made me quite happy and these are no different. although not completely raw, they are a wheat and gluten free, vegan, superfood wonder in my mind. peanut butter cookies 2 cups shredded coconut 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter with a hint of sea... Read More

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies

cl’s living chocolate chip cookies were inspired by a post i saw over at cucina libera, loosely translated, free cuisine. many times a recipe has promised their chocolate chip cookie will taste like the real thing and i am left not sold, until now. at cucina libera the cookies were already a great high-raw, vegan, nut free recipe, but because i cannot help myself, i played around with the recipe, dressed it up and made a completely raw/living... Read More