white chocolate dairy-free candy bars

white chocolate dairy-free bars are another easy do-it-yourself christmas gift to make for those on your list. very similar to the holiday chocolate candy bars these are easy to leave as plain white chocolate or add-in dried nuts or fruits of your choice. white chocolate bars are a healthy, raw, vegan, nut-free and refined sugar free recipe that my friends have loved receiving. happy holidays!  white chocolate dairy-free candy bars 3/4 cup coconut... Read More

healthy vegan pear crumble

try a healthy vegan pear crumble for your next holiday gathering and there’s a good chance nobody will even notice it’s vegan, wheat free, gluten free, nut free and all that jazz. i love making this and taking it with me to festivities and get togethers, as it makes me feel comfortable knowing there will be a healthy dessert there i can snack on. it is sweet but contains no refined sugars and will not yo-yo your blood sugar levels while... Read More

raw dairy-free chocolate sauce

raw dairy-free chocolate sauce in as easy as 1-2-3-and-4. yes, it takes only four simple ingredients and one easy step to make this healthy raw, dairy-free chocolate sauce rawcipe. ’tis the season for being thankful and well, to be honest, indulgent. we are headed into the holidays which happens to be a time that can potentially undermine your healthiest intentions. this chocolate sauce recipe is versatile and feels indulgent, but is guilt free... Read More

vegan carrot ginger muffins

got carrot ginger juice pulp? if you have been looking for a way to use your leftover juice pulp, vegan carrot ginger muffins could be your answer. using dates and raisins as their sweetener the muffins are free of refined sugar and they taste simply delicious. although the nut-free muffins have a few more ingredients and steps then other rawcipes that have been posted, vegan carrot ginger muffins are densely packed with nutrition and absolutely... Read More

e3live blue green algae

inphyusion has recently teamed up with the affiliate program at e3live. e3live is the world’s first and only frozen algae, a nutrient dense aqua botanical. it is a daily habit at my house and it’s another product that i’m happy to get people interested in, not only because i’m a part of the team but also because i believe in the product 100%. if you click on the photo above or the banner below along with anytime e3live is... Read More

green orange juice

as april comes to an end here in boulder, we are knee deep in a weekly rocky mountain storm cycle. the abundance of spring snow showers does not slow my breville juice fountain elite down one bit. in fact, spring is traditionally known as an excellent time for detoxification and an important time to increase your leafy green consumption. substitute the usual orange juice for the new green orange juice and start each day out on the correct foot. green... Read More

chia goo

yes, the chia pet of the 90’s used the same healthful chia seeds found in the following rawcipe to sprout ‘hair’ from a clay pot. we’re not using soil or sprouting to the point of green, but we are sprouting to the extent that powerful nutritional benefits are unleashed and readily available for your day to day convenience. in as little as ten minutes, the seeds pictured above (when added to water or other liquid, such as... Read More

zesty goji protein bars

zesty goji protein bars are a crunchy treat that are easy to prepare and even easier to eat. they have been tried and tested on local yogis and yoginis, cyclists, even hikers and have unanimously been a hit. goji berries are bright orange-red in color which is a significant marker they are  high in antioxidants and have traditionally been regarded as a strength building liver protector. goji berries are a superfruit that will super charge you and... Read More

vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies

sunflower seed butter is the new peanut butter and vegan nut-free sunbutter cookies are a twist on the original peanut butter cookie. this version is free of peanuts, wheat and gluten for those who suffer an allergy or choose to abstain altogether. big on flavor and big in attitude, dip sunbutter cookies into a fresh glass of superfood frenzy hemp milk, sweet and creamy coconut almond mylk or cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk for an old fashioned... Read More

celeriac sushi rice

celeriac, declared the ugly ducking of the veggie world, easily becomes a beautiful wheat, gluten and grain free sticky sushi rice. found in the same family as the turnip and potato, celeriac is a low starch cousin of the starchy winter root vegetables. it is a great alternative to its more starchy family members. this ugly duckling is high in both potassium and soluble fiber,  which may help lower blood pressure while reducing the amount of... Read More