pineapple slices

looking for a sweet snack that does not include any refined sugar? pineapple slices are exactly what you are looking for! this is a simple rawcipe that asks for nothing more than some basic prep time followed by an abundance of patience. immediately, the pineapple tastes so sweet and wonderful, it will be difficult to wait the allotted dry time. in the long run, the time and discipline will pay off delighting the taste buds to no end. for pure snacking... Read More

honied almonds

ever find yourself looking for a sweet, crunchy, protein filled snack late in the afternoon? if so, honied almonds are your raw vegan, wheat and gluten free, superfood-filled dream come true. even better, they are quite simple to make! although the active manuka honey is not vegan, it is a healthy sweet option with high antibacterial properties which provides effective healing in the body. there are many vegan options available as well, so feel free... Read More

rosemary walnut crackers

another simple cracker rawcipe that recycles your almond pulp into a solid transporter for your favorite spreads. the walnuts and flaxseed wallop you with the omega 3 fatty acids that are essential to our diet and besides having powerful anti-inflammatory agents, the rosemary is exceptionally flavorful. mix this up, dry it out and eat these up! rosemary walnut crackers 2 cups water 1 cup ground flaxseed 1/2 cup almond pulp 1/4 cup walnuts (finely... Read More

vegan savory seed cheese

savory seed cheese is a high-raw, vegan, non-dairy, nut-free, wheat and gluten free cheese that is full of flavor and over the top with excitement. the raw sunflower seeds used are full of healthy fats, proteins, fibers, minerals, as well as, vitamin e. each an important component to the nutritional quality of your diet and of fundamental importance in creating your most brilliant health. dill is an herb that is pungent and warming and touted as... Read More

touch of lime kale chips

limes are high on my list of favorites and in my little kitchen an abundance of the round, green, love muffins can be found at all times. same story as the green leafy champion referred to as kale. so, why not let them orchestrate an explosion of flavor together? kind of like the hint of lime tostitos, but not really at all. in the end, it is just another reason to eat more kale. make a double batch touch of lime kale chips. it’s an easy wheat... Read More

cumin thin crisp vegan crackers

got almond pulp? a very good friend of mine is on a mission to rid her house of as much waste as possible and recently asked what could be done with leftover almond pulp. this is a crazy simple, super tasty rawcipe. the possibilities that can be created from the base are endless! for a nutty, peppery flavor that seems to be pretty versatile cumin makes an excellent fit, not to mention its powerful nutritional value which also comes in handy. cumin... Read More

a ‘cheesy’ twist on chard

i was not 100% certain where these chips were going at the start of the day but in the end they came out screaming, help i’m alive! the leafy green wonders are a guilt free answer to those times when an episode of emotional eating triggers or shared moments of mindlessness are desired among good friends. in my mind and on my taste buds they resemble a sour cream and onion chip i remember from a long time ago. if you are looking to make a completely... Read More

lover of the kale

there are times i jump for joy because kale has come into my life and although i do not clearly remember our first meeting or the first time i knew i’d fallen, it is true, i am a lover of the kale. initially a bit frightened and maybe even a little intimadated by the bitterness, the bite is now what calls me home, makes me feel alive and in my mind, i know i have committed myself to for the rest of my life, to have and to hold. there are several... Read More