instant chocolate almond milk

is it a  desert or a milk? the line is blurry but the nutritional integrity of instant chocolate almond milk is not even questionable. creatively blended, no straining needed, filled to the brim with superfood power and a taste so sweet it couldn’t be healthy but it is. instant chocolate almond milk is dairy-free chocolate milk at its finest. instant chocolate almond milk 1 batch instant vegan almond butter milk 3 tb cacao powder (every once... Read More

white chocolate dairy-free candy bars

white chocolate dairy-free bars are another easy do-it-yourself christmas gift to make for those on your list. very similar to the holiday chocolate candy bars these are easy to leave as plain white chocolate or add-in dried nuts or fruits of your choice. white chocolate bars are a healthy, raw, vegan, nut-free and refined sugar free recipe that my friends have loved receiving. happy holidays!  white chocolate dairy-free candy bars 3/4 cup coconut... Read More

raw vegan pecan breakfast bars

raw vegan pecan breakfast bars are a wheat, gluten and refined sugar free complement to any morning routine. the pecans are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats and also add a sweet, buttery flavor that enhances the richness of the breakfast bar. don’t let the name confine these to morning consumption, their nutritional benefits are bold all day long and if you fancy the raw vegan pecan breakfast bars, be sure to check out the vegan... Read More

raw dairy-free chocolate sauce

raw dairy-free chocolate sauce in as easy as 1-2-3-and-4. yes, it takes only four simple ingredients and one easy step to make this healthy raw, dairy-free chocolate sauce rawcipe. ’tis the season for being thankful and well, to be honest, indulgent. we are headed into the holidays which happens to be a time that can potentially undermine your healthiest intentions. this chocolate sauce recipe is versatile and feels indulgent, but is guilt free... Read More

dairy-free caramel apples

the dairy free, vegan caramel apple in the photo above has been rolled in chopped cashews. caramel apples say fall like nothing else and they are especially exciting when they’re dairy-free, vegan and raw. during the fall months you’ll see the honeycrisp apple make a brief appearance. they are a total treat flying solo, but add this simple carmel sauce and it becomes an instant delicacy. you can also roll your dairy free, vegan, caramel... Read More

carrot ginger juice

carrots and ginger combine to create a sweet, yet zippy, healthy juice recipe. carrots, we all know, are full of beta carotene and they help strengthen eyesight. in addition, carrots have powerful cleansing properties which are effective in both the detoxification of the liver and the nourishment of the skin! personally, i cut this juice with filtered water to mellow out the sweetness yet absorb the beneficial nutrients. it almost goes without saying... Read More

how to juice an alkaline green juice

it is easy to juice a healthy, alkaline, raw, vegan green juice at home. this rawcipe is inspired by elaina love of pure joy planet and her video discussing an alkaline diet. i added to it the alkalinizing prowess of spinach, as well as additional apple and lemon. fresh juice efficiently supplies the body with dense nutrients almost on demand and in as little as five minutes you will feel the effects because it enters the bloodstream so quickly.... Read More

superfood chia seed pudding

superfood chia seed pudding is the raw, superfood, vegan recipe every healthy website hosts. slight variations and different twists but fundamentally the same thing, dense nutrition turned in to a sweet and tasty pudding mixture. this is a high protein snack full of endless energy and endurance that travels well if you find yourself sprinting out the door. a superfood chia seed pudding was one of my first raw food obsessions and it is silly it has... Read More

e3live blue green algae

inphyusion has recently teamed up with the affiliate program at e3live. e3live is the world’s first and only frozen algae, a nutrient dense aqua botanical. it is a daily habit at my house and it’s another product that i’m happy to get people interested in, not only because i’m a part of the team but also because i believe in the product 100%. if you click on the photo above or the banner below along with anytime e3live is... Read More

ice cold cucumber limeade

here it is, a new groove to break the summertime monotony. ice cold cucumber limeade is a soft, subtle mix and just a little something to help you sit back to unwind. much like ice cold cucumber lemonade, the limeade is a refreshing burst of hydration full of cooling properties. total perfection for the triple digit temperatures that burn heavy during the pitta months. ice cold cucumber limeade 2 cups water 1 1/2 cups frozen cucumber, peeled and chopped 1/2... Read More