fresh arugula salad

fresh lemon arugula salad is a healthy, raw, vegan, wheat and gluten free k.i.s.s. (keep it simple salad) recipe that plays with the taste buds. often people are leery of the arugula and its bold flavor. it’s not called the salad rocket for nothing! i’m a huge fan of arugula and use it in many rawcipes. my good friend kari,, recently introduced me to joanna,, another talented local artist... Read More

superfood chia seed pudding

superfood chia seed pudding is the raw, superfood, vegan recipe every healthy website hosts. slight variations and different twists but fundamentally the same thing, dense nutrition turned in to a sweet and tasty pudding mixture. this is a high protein snack full of endless energy and endurance that travels well if you find yourself sprinting out the door. a superfood chia seed pudding was one of my first raw food obsessions and it is silly it has... Read More

instant vegan almond butter milk

this instant vegan almond butter milk recipe could be better named instantly gone vegan almond butter milk. it is a creamy and sweet recipe that can easily be adjusted as needed. so simple it is almost painful. no soaking nuts, no milk bag needed, just milk and go! instant vegan almond butter milk 3 1/2 cups water 1/4 cup plus 1 tb medjool dates, pitted (4 dates) 1/2 cup almond butter 1 vanilla bean pinch of sea salt place everything in the blender... Read More

cucumber inphyused water

cucumber inphyused water is a crisp and refreshing experience that is more than welcomed during the hot summer months. a jar, a cucumber and water is as easy as it gets. slice it up, toss it in and chill it out before you drink it up. cucumber inphyused water is an ultra hydrating healthy recipe and should be a go to in your kitchen this summer. cucumber inphyused water 1 1/2 gallon mason jar 1 medium to large cucumber, sliced filtered water place... Read More

e3live blue green algae

inphyusion has recently teamed up with the affiliate program at e3live. e3live is the world’s first and only frozen algae, a nutrient dense aqua botanical. it is a daily habit at my house and it’s another product that i’m happy to get people interested in, not only because i’m a part of the team but also because i believe in the product 100%. if you click on the photo above or the banner below along with anytime e3live is... Read More

healthy fourth of july recipes

through the 4th of july i am generally on cookout lookout and have pulled together a handful of healthy recipes that are ready for your celebrations too. i am a huge fan of spending time with close friends that typically centers around sharing good food and lots of conversation. below you will find some personal favorites amongst my buddies and i that are sure to make an appearance at our cookouts and firework festivities for the fourth! below each... Read More

fresh fruit kabobs

  fresh fruit kabobs are a sweet, vegan, plant-based recipe that takes mere moments to put together and does not require you fire up a grill. any fresh fruit will work. here i have used nectarines, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and fresh coconut meat. in no particular order the fruit is placed onto a bamboo skewer. i’ve found it useful to place a finished fresh fruit kabob over a bowl to preserve its beauty. fresh fruit... Read More

vegan carrot noodles

wheat free, gluten free, vegan carrot noodles are the new noodle and have you heard, farm hopping is the new bar hopping! this year as summer is taking off, my newest pastime is too. from the boulder farmers market to local farm stores such as, cure organic farm, carrots can be found in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from bright oranges to outrageous purples and deep reds. the color alone will turn up the volume in any carrot filled situation. to... Read More

green orange juice

as april comes to an end here in boulder, we are knee deep in a weekly rocky mountain storm cycle. the abundance of spring snow showers does not slow my breville juice fountain elite down one bit. in fact, spring is traditionally known as an excellent time for detoxification and an important time to increase your leafy green consumption. substitute the usual orange juice for the new green orange juice and start each day out on the correct foot. green... Read More

keep it simple kale salad

keep it simple salads (kiss) are salads that require few ingredients, little time and make a big fatty deposit in your health savings account. kale salad is the first one coming your way as it’s an easy go-to of mine. the preparation for this kiss is identical to the prep for the basic kale chip minus the use of the dehydrator. known to be a bit of an animal when kale is present, i’m unable to help myself because anyway that it is prepared,... Read More