cashew almond dairy-free creamer

cashew almond dairy-free creamer is a healthy alternative to your typical morning creamer. it is a simple recipe with a boost of protein that requires few ingredients and takes only minutes to prepare. cashew almond dairy-free creamer is a great add-in to lattes, smoothies and not too bad on it’s own either! cashew almond dairy-free creamer 1 cup water 2 tablespoons almond butter 2 tablespoons cashew butter 2 dates, pitted 1/2 inch fresh vanilla... Read More

homemade raw vegan ranch dressing

ranch dressing, which is loved by adults and children, is a very common dip for vegetables, chips and wraps. it also makes for a great salad dressing to top your greens. homemade raw vegan ranch dressing tastes like the ranch dressing i remember but lacks the mayonnaise, buttermilk or sour cream many recipes will call for. it is also nut-free for those of you working around nut allergies! this is a healthy version of america’s favorite sauce... Read More

raw vegan valentine’s day chocolate chip cookies

valentine’s day is right around the corner and a simple heart shaped cutout healthy raw vegan cookie recipe is perfect for the celebration. the heart-shaped cookies are based on my reipce for cl’s living chocolate chip cookies with the addition of a cookie cutter. with many different heart-shaped cookie cutters available i choose the larger so i can share a little extra vitaminL with my loved ones this year on valentine’s day. what... Read More

strawberry coconut green smoothie

strawberry coconut green smoothie is a quickie like most smoothies are. that’s the bonus of the smoothie right? this one can be tweaked to the sweetness of your liking. if you are newer to the revolution add more strawberries and pineapple as a sweetener. you could also add a couple dates, honey or a few drops of stevia. on the other hand, if you have been doing the green smoothie thing for quite some time, challenge yourself to go heavy with... Read More

instant chocolate almond milk

is it a ¬†desert or a milk? the line is blurry but the nutritional integrity of instant chocolate almond milk is not even questionable. creatively blended, no straining needed, filled to the brim with superfood power and a taste so sweet it couldn’t be healthy but it is. instant chocolate almond milk is dairy-free chocolate milk at its finest. instant chocolate almond milk 1 batch instant vegan almond butter milk 3 tb cacao powder (every once... Read More

white chocolate dairy-free candy bars

white chocolate dairy-free bars are another easy do-it-yourself christmas gift to make for those on your list. very similar to the holiday chocolate candy bars these are easy to leave as plain white chocolate or add-in dried nuts or fruits of your choice. white chocolate bars are a healthy, raw, vegan, nut-free and refined sugar free recipe that my friends have loved receiving. happy holidays! ¬†white chocolate dairy-free candy bars 3/4 cup coconut... Read More

raw vegan pecan breakfast bars

raw vegan pecan breakfast bars are a wheat, gluten and refined sugar free complement to any morning routine. the pecans are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats and also add a sweet, buttery flavor that enhances the richness of the breakfast bar. don’t let the name confine these to morning consumption, their nutritional benefits are bold all day long and if you fancy the raw vegan pecan breakfast bars, be sure to check out the vegan... Read More

strawberry chia jam

a seriously simple, healthy recipe for strawberry jam that utilizes the power of chia seeds. grab some fresh berries, chia seeds and a blender. wholla, homemade and preservative free strawberry chia jam! strawberry chia jam 3 cups fresh strawberries 5 tablespoons chia seeds 1. place strawberries in a blender and run on a low speed until they become liquid like and pour into a medium sized bowl. 2. stir in chia seeds and set aside. store in a glass... Read More

healthy vegan pear crumble

try a healthy vegan pear crumble for your next holiday gathering and there’s a good chance nobody will even notice it’s vegan, wheat free, gluten free, nut free and all that jazz. i love making this and taking it with me to festivities and get togethers, as it makes me feel comfortable knowing there will be a healthy dessert there i can snack on. it is sweet but contains no refined sugars and will not yo-yo your blood sugar levels while... Read More

green ‘mojito’ aloe juice

an enzyme rich, probiotic filled green juice green ‘mojito’ aloe juice is an alcohol free, probiotic filled refreshing and hydrating cocktail. yes, a cocktail that is beneficial for the health of your skin, as well as your digestive tract. green ‘mojito’ aloe juice will leave you feeling better than worse if you overindulge. soothing on the stomach and cooling to the nervous system, green ‘mojito’ aloe juice fills... Read More