homemade raw vegan ranch dressing

ranch dressing, which is loved by adults and children, is a very common dip for vegetables, chips and wraps. it also makes for a great salad dressing to top your greens. homemade raw vegan ranch dressing tastes like the ranch dressing i remember but lacks the mayonnaise, buttermilk or sour cream many recipes will call for. it is also nut-free for those of you working around nut allergies! this is a healthy version of america’s favorite sauce... Read More

mango pineapple fruit paper

the journey began headed in the direction of fruit leather but ended happily as a raw and vegan healthy mango pineapple fruit paper. mango pineapple fruit paper has been given a double thumbs up and was also named by some local youngsters i know. they were completely happy to munch up every last roll i had available while giving detailed feedback. ultimately this rawcipe is easily adjustable depending on how thin or thick you choose to spread the... Read More

strawberry coconut green smoothie

strawberry coconut green smoothie is a quickie like most smoothies are. that’s the bonus of the smoothie right? this one can be tweaked to the sweetness of your liking. if you are newer to the revolution add more strawberries and pineapple as a sweetener. you could also add a couple dates, honey or a few drops of stevia. on the other hand, if you have been doing the green smoothie thing for quite some time, challenge yourself to go heavy with... Read More

strawberry chia jam

a seriously simple, healthy recipe for strawberry jam that utilizes the power of chia seeds. grab some fresh berries, chia seeds and a blender. wholla, homemade and preservative free strawberry chia jam! strawberry chia jam 3 cups fresh strawberries 5 tablespoons chia seeds 1. place strawberries in a blender and run on a low speed until they become liquid like and pour into a medium sized bowl. 2. stir in chia seeds and set aside. store in a glass... Read More

raw vegan persimmon pudding

maybe the most darling fruit ever persimmons. they are in season and my heart is completely smitten and this healthy persimmon fruit pudding recipe asking politely to be at your table this holiday season. persimmons are high in fiber which helps reduce cravings for sugar and other processed foods. it is acceptable to eat them as is and you can also add them to everything, both have been my m.o. lately. persimmon pudding holds a seasonally appropriate... Read More

superfood orange juice

superfood orange juice is the ultimate cold and flu buster, making it a great addition to traditional methods of battling seasonal illnesses. it is heavily equipped with an armload of vitamin c, a well known component to a healthy and functioning immune system. vitamin c, while it has not been shown to prevent illness or decrease the severity of symptoms, it has shown to decrease the duration or lifespan of symptoms and is a crucial factor in the... Read More

winterized dairy-free walnut milk

cuts like a buffalo living walnut milk gets winterized this season with warming ground spices. both cinnamon and nutmeg help destroy cold in the body and at the same time, will stimulate circulation. in an aryuvedic sense, nutmeg will pacify the vatta dosha while it increases the pitta. ground nutmeg is also a natural sleep remedy and is often served in warm milk prior to bed. serve it warm or serve it cold, either way, winterized dairy-free walnut... Read More

unsweetened coconut yogurt

unsweetened coconut yogurt is a sugar free, dairy free and nut free vegan superfood masterpiece. it does not contain any probiotics per say but still easily lends itself to the category of yogurt in consistency. healthy fat, protein and a host of other benefits are lurking in the madness that is so easily achievable. this will taste great on its own or with fresh berries and granola while also highly functional as an add-in to other recipes that call... Read More

ice cold cucumber limeade

here it is, a new groove to break the summertime monotony. ice cold cucumber limeade is a soft, subtle mix and just a little something to help you sit back to unwind. much like ice cold cucumber lemonade, the limeade is a refreshing burst of hydration full of cooling properties. total perfection for the triple digit temperatures that burn heavy during the pitta months. ice cold cucumber limeade 2 cups water 1 1/2 cups frozen cucumber, peeled and chopped 1/2... Read More

basil oil dressing

basil oil is a crisp fresh dressing to top salads, grains or any deserving main dish for that matter. the word basil comes from the greek word basileus meaning king, and as such, it is considered the king of herbs by many. although well known through italian cuisine, basil originally hails from india and regions of asia. it would go that if basil is the king of herbs, then basil oil dressing might possibly be the king of oils. basil oil dressing 1... Read More